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    has anyone watched this, it’s quite interesting, wonder if something like that would work here….where a supermarket is opened, and people volunteer to work there in order to cut the cost of shop over heads in order to offer savings to members….quite a good concept

    it’s on channel 4 … upermarket


    Great idea love it!!!!


    Great idea, but I don’t know.
    For some reason it’s difficult to get people to donate their time.

    In my kids school, they ask parents to volonteer some time. It’s once a week, for 1 hour.
    They send newsletter reminding it.
    I decided that I can’t give much money to all funraisings event, but I’ll go there to help once a month (not a lot).
    When I go there, it’s only the same 3 or 4 mums who are there, helping every week. If I ask do other people come as well, they say not really.

    In a different school, they need helpers for letting the kids out the school bus and bring them in the school yard, and supervise until official starting time.
    So little parents are doing it, meaning it’s the same who has to do it weekly.
    If all parents in each school donate a bit of time, then all parents would have to find only 1 hour or 2 a YEAR to help out.
    If so small handfull of parents (soem whose children who are not in the bus, but do it because they are really generous, and want to be involved in the school) who donate their time for ALL the children in the school, can’t do it anymore, they’ll have to pay staff to do it, and then ask money.

    So is there not a risk that people will benefit from reduce price in the supermarket, but at the end it mnight be the same donating their time for all. But it’s a great idea.

    I’m not any better than the rest.
    I want it all, I could go and help every week, but I’m not and I did not help in the first years. But then I thought, I should contribute as well the way they want.
    A while ago, I offered a service free of charge, but the school did not take it. But I offered.
    Now it’s once a month that I help.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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