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    Did anyone tune in last night? what did you think?

    Everyone was talking about Angelina Jolie (and her constantly on-show leg!!) and how thin she looked. She is a beautiful woman but she looked very very thin, she looks like she needs a few good dinners into her!

    Billy Crystal did a good job, much better than last year’s hosts – although his hair did look suspiciously dark (Just for men moment I think!)

    Was great to see The Help winning some awards, I read the book and loved it and am looking forward to seeing the film on DVD when it comes out.

    Has anyone seen ‘The Artist’? Very intrigued about it, cannot imagine going to see a silent movie but its getting such rave reviews I am tempted to go see it.


    I would like to see that Artist and Thatcher…. i didnt see the show but i did see Angies legs on show in facebook photos, they looked photo shopped, would like to see a video clip to see if she really did stand like that…… she always had thin legs with scrubbers knees (as my mother would call them) She is far from the Sexy full figured woman in Hackers and Tomb raider!
    I dont think Skinning is attractive, they say fit and strong is the new skinny!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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