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    Hi ladies,
    I need to get some advice/suggestions on moving my 19mth old to a big bed. I moved my ds when he was the same age but my little princess :wink: is proving to be a tougher cookie on the subject!

    She sleeps in a sleeping bag still and ive kept her in that, have put gate up on bedroom door (she will be sharing room with her big brother who is nearly 4) but just cant seem to keep her in the bed, we tried a few weeks back and gave up after 3nights of running around like loons at all hours.. I need to get this sorted as we’ve a new baby due in Feb please god and would like to have her well settled in bed before then.. Any thoughts? Much appreciated…



    Do you have a bed guard which comes up at the side of the bed? these are handy to kind of close it in a bit and make it look more cot like. Also character bedding can go a lng way to making a bed seem special



    It may take more than a week but if u stand firm on the this is UR bed & its where U sleep EVERYNIGHT it will become as normal as the cot was.

    Maybe use a reward if u sleep in ur bed tonight & don’t get out we can go to the park/ get sweets/ visit nan tomorrow but if they don’t stay in bed u have to stick to ur guns with no park/ no sweets / no nans


    Maybe she just isnt ready yet, Leave her for a bit longer and try again.. my ds is 2.5 and still in his cot. when I ask him about a big bed he says no cot!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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