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    I keep dreaming about moving into the mapples in Bettystown.
    I check daft often, even if it’s not going to happen in the next 3 years.

    But I’d like to know if there is any other estate I could check around Bettystown (so I can add another estate in my dream and view pictures and stay where I’am :lol: ).
    I like the mapples because it’s 4 bedrooms and many rooms downstairs :
    large kitchen, dining room, sitting room, playroom, + utility all decent size rooms + garden large enough for kids trampoline and dog.



    Hi there,
    I live in Sevitt Hall in Bettystown, the houses are quite similer to the style of house in The Maples.
    Sweet Dreams


    I’ll check it, and keep dreaming.
    I do deliver Avon to a couple of customers in sevitt hall, but only see the front door.
    Now going to check daft 😆

    I discovered a couple of days ago that some twins I was teaching french to in laytown school are living in sevitt hall.
    With your name you could be the mum of those twins.
    Ask them if they know Fabienne.
    Sure they’re getting on well with the current french teacher.
    I do miss that job, but the official teacher came back from career break, so it was with many regrets that I had to leave (but I knew it was going to happenwhen I did start).
    If they are the twins I think, say hello from me please.

    Thanks for info about the estate.



    castlemartin have 4 bedrooms kitchen, dining room, sitting room, playroom, + utility all decent size rooms ,and large gardens too, i know there a house for sale about 2 years now it going for 235000 now its a 4 bed and attic room too making it 5 rooms and a play room to the side of the house too.


    ahh The Maples..oh yes i love the Maples as well fabs…hang onto that dream…it doesnt always have to be a dream!!

    I loved my estate for years & never thought I would live here..but here I am!!

    a lady was talking on radio other day about your idea of house swaps bcoz we cant sell at moment & the presnter suggested she set up a national website..if she hasnt done it i think its a great idea…


    There is some website about swap in Ireland.
    But they don’t seams to have many new offers.
    Went into an local estate agent and did ask him, and he did find some home owners locally who were interested but the houses were not was I was looking for.

    Lana, do you know the owner of the house for sale?
    If yes, would they be willing to think about a house swap. If yes, then we can start to see how practical / economical it is. Then start the slow process with bank to see if it’s wise to change mortgage.

    Glad to see, now I’ll have more estates to check online, and keep my dream alive.
    I dreamt about a horse for over 30 years, and now but a lucky opportinuty I have my part-time horse, who doesn’t cost my an arm and leg.
    So dreams can come true, just need to have them.

    Thanks for info girls,


    fabienne, you foolow your dreams, don’t let anyone stop you (bar the bank man loL)

    we have dreams of our own, 3 of which i would just love to do and i’m hoping one day our dreams will come true…we’re on hopefully the right track but we’ll see….


    hiya fabienne, sorry i dont know the the owner. its on website if you went to have a look .


    Oh waohh!
    I want it!
    So much cheaper than the mapples and has all the rooms I need.
    The good thing is, I have so much furniture already not going to have a spend a cent on furniture the day we’ll move into a bigger house 😆 😆

    Now have to convience the bank man. Not so easy, but worth a try.



    hiya fabienne thathouse is on the market awhile ,im sure you could get it for less than the askin price 😉


    Had dh to look at it. Now going to see if I can see my banker. Then my dream will be postponedafter answer from bank man 😆 😆

    But I would have tried, and I’ll try again until I get my house.

    Thanks for info.

    Financial Companion

    Not sure what price range you have in mind Fabienne but I’m helping neighbours sell their home, plenty of rooms and space, if you want to have a look

    I’ll be covering some tips on having a better chance of getting mortgage approval when we do the group talk session 😉


    It’s a beatifull house, but not in my price range.
    Not that I know what we could borrow, but I’ll find out.
    And I’ll ask you questions onthe coffee morning.

    And it’s more like a dream in the future, but seen the house in castlemartin for only 235K, make me hope.
    Even if we’re saving every cent we can, we are short for deposit, now.
    Have to start to play and win lotto 😆

    Still we have our house that we can’t really sell (not great market for selling), that’s why I’m thinking house swap.
    I’m open to all sugestions.


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