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    Why do so many Irish men go topless in the sunny weather. Its clear most of them are not wearing suncream because you can see them burning in front of your eyes! Apart from the pale moob overload, it cannot be safe for them!

    Case in point, my husband. Today he proclaimed that he ‘does not need suncream because he tans easily’ but after an hour or two of the really hot weather, he realised his mistake and went in and put some on.

    In fairness at that stage it was bit too late and he is of course, a bit burned now from being exposed for a good 2 hours at the hottest part of the day.

    He currently looks like an angry lobster and I am tempted to say ‘I told you so’ but I reckon he knows he was silly so I’ll just keep him stocked with cold water instead.

    I am trying not to laugh but he does look funny….


    I have to admit… the whole… "OOOOHHHH the sun is shining…. lets get a tan" thing is rather amusing to me…. but then again, I’ve grown up in a very very hot climate, and I’ve experienced heatstroke in its worst stages…. my poor kids get lathered head to toe…. 😳

    If you’ve got any aloe vera…. get him to put that on…. or alternatively loads and loads of moisturiser…. constantly, to rehydrate the burned skin…. that way he won’t peel, and he’ll keep the tan he is wanting! 😉

    Ah the joys!


    I’ll do the Aloe Vera and I find the Elave baby moisturiser excellent too so I’ve been slathering that on as well.

    Every time I looked at him today I started laughing – I know I am a bad wife but he looks so funny!!!!

    Financial Companion

    I use factor 25+ all year round and when the sun shines it’s factor 50+ (and I still use the shade when possible!)


    Which explains your youthful complexion Dave FC!!!


    We all wear factor 50, i just cant be bothered with sun burn / sun bathing & fake tan is so easy these days, there is no need for putting yourself through the pain.

    On holidays, people kept asking us had we just arrived even when wed been there for two weeks as we were so white – it just made us laugh.

    Never mind how dangerous (and aging) it is for dh and myself, Id feel very guilty if my kids ever got burnt.


    Our kids were slathered – no chance of them getting burnt! Thats main thing…


    My husband would be like this – he is very fair and never goes out with suntan lotion. He is getting some by default at the moment cos he is putting it on the kids and then wiping the rest on himself. Do they ever learn!!!

    I have a very fair skinned dd – who is totally covered in suntan lotion. My ds has suntan lotion on too but has somehow managed to get a nice tan – he is dark haired and just has to go outside to go a little olive.

    Seriously though, skin cancer is an issue and should be taken seriously. My mam recently had a chuck taken out of her neck because of skin cancer. She is not allowed any sun on her now. She must wear factor 50 and a wide brimmed hat to stop all sun from hitting her face and neck. She still is a bit naughty and has to be reminded!!


    ah stop what is it with men and suncream…..we only had this conversation yesterday morning while myself and my friend first covered the kids and then did ourselves while the men went ahh don’t need suncream 🙄
    my two dd’s have been covered last while every morning before school and again when they’re getting changed in the afternoons…. both are quiet sallow skinned so still have a healthy glow you’d know they’d been playing in the sun but they are covered in factor 30/50…….i was shocked to hear the little one playing with my girls saying her dad said she did’nt suncream and then she was talking about how she had been lying out getting a tan with her mam….. her shoulders were burnt by the end of the day yesterday and the child actually asked me when i was smoothering my two would i put some on her shoulders as they were sore 😮


    He put suncream on this weekend – at least he learned from his burnt face last week!!

    That may be the last time we need suncream for a while unfortunately!!

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