The Glenside Wedding Fayre

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    Wedding Fayre
    Thursday 20th June 2013 7pm to 10pm

    If you’re planning to say ‘I Do’ – Join us on the 20th of June to experience why is the perfect wedding venue for your special day . . .

    On the night you are invited to…
    [*:z92nuykt] Champagne Reception[/*:m:z92nuykt]
    [*:z92nuykt] Menu Tasting [/*:m:z92nuykt]
    [*:z92nuykt] Wine Tasting[/*:m:z92nuykt][/list:u:z92nuykt]
    Meet our wedding specialists…
    [*:z92nuykt] Entertainment [/*:m:z92nuykt]
    [*:z92nuykt] Wedding Cakes[/*:m:z92nuykt]
    [*:z92nuykt] Bridal Florist [/*:m:z92nuykt]
    [*:z92nuykt] Photography[/*:m:z92nuykt]
    [*:z92nuykt] Wedding Limousines [/*:m:z92nuykt]
    [*:z92nuykt] Bridal Wear[/*:m:z92nuykt]
    [*:z92nuykt] Grooms Suits [/*:m:z92nuykt]
    [*:z92nuykt] Wedding Video[/*:m:z92nuykt]
    [*:z92nuykt] Wedding Stationary[/*:m:z92nuykt][/list:u:z92nuykt]
    Call us: 041 982 9999


    My cousin and friend both got married in Glenside Hotel and both had fantastic weddings. The food was lovely, staff excellent, facilities excellent, lovely atmosphere and their wedding planner did so much to help with organising the wedding. A really great spot for weddings and any other parties or even a special family dinner.


    If you or someone you know is getting married, this is on next week and is well worth going along to.


    Definitely worth going tomorrow night if you are getting married anytime soon or if you are a bridesmaid for someone who is, bring them along.

    Will be lots of great ideas there for inspiration!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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