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    Girls I said it last year and Im saying it again I LUV THE HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS buzz!!! I am counting down the days, Im looking forward to the craic with the kids at Halloween, Ive this witch that screams at you when you walk past her !!! Cant wait everyone coming to me this year! we’ll be like kids out the window looking at all the mammies and kids jump Ha! We always start the day in nannies with all the grankids dressed up and then home for mash and kirly kay with some money inside! Then its out for some serious tricker treating and back home for the apple on the string game and penny in the bottom! :lol: I always loose! We always potter about the different bonfires in the village and then home for ten and into our jammies and eat all our junk! No ghost stories ive the imagination of a 4yr old and Im not able for the dark afterwards for weeks my nerves do be gone!!!! Although the kids seem to luv them and get great craic slagging me off :lol: :lol: My DP always gets the dvd’s out when the kids are gone to bed and the wine and needless to say i spend the night behind the cousins for years he robs the remote control because im always putting it on mute because i hate the scary music!!!!! :roll: Men are so mean! :lol:

    As for Christmas all im hearing is people complaining that its coming too quick and dont say the crimbo word to me!! Everyone to their own but i enjoy every minute of it, i love the shopping part as we make a weekend of it and go visit the santa’s. I dont have the money to be spenging loads on everyone so we are doing chris kindle and just buying for the kids. We have a huge family. Luv christmas eve the most, the atmosphere is great and cooking the turkey! Getting up christmas eve (with a hangover! :roll: ) I always get up as early as I can usually before the whole street when I was a kid my mother would bash me back into bed telling me Santa hadnt come yet!! I would really try so hard to make myself go asleep but my tummy was doing summer saults!!! I actually took it personnaly one year that santa was being late on purpose! Then Legging it down the stairs and bursting into the sittingroom always just missing the tree by inches! Even now and im a lot bigger!!!
    Then having the big fry up, even when I was a kid and we had no money my mother would always have a huge fry dinner and tea on crimbo!! Then on with the new clothes and down to mass (no messing anymore im nearly 30!) :lol: :lol:

    Ah i could go on and on but I just love the whole end of the year its not all about spending money and being miserable, and I always remember to knock into old mrs o kane with her pressie because she has no one. Anyone do anything else around Halloween or crimbo??? :D


    its always my parents anniversary at halloween big 40th next year so we’ll do something then
    i got the kids costumes might bring them up to show the gran parents during the day
    i don’t hate christmas i just think that trying to explain to a toddler that christmas isn’t next week but a lot longer when they want santa to come now isn’t helped by things being in the shops before halloween is over
    i love scary stuff though


    I hear you Happymammy!! But to be honest more on Christmas than Halloween – we are only starting to get into Halloween because of DD – we don’t get callers to the house, as we are in the country – we called to the neighbour with E last year and they were shocked to see us!?

    Really really enjoy the build up to Christmas!! Spend ages writing out my list of presents that I have to get and love highlightling them as I get them!
    Christmas Eve – I always head into town for a couple of hours – the atmosphere is lovely, then back home for a bit of lunch, we always go to DH’s Grannys house to give presents and then to my Mam’s house where all the kids get their presents – its lovely watching them, not so lovely cleaning up all the wrapping afterwards though!
    Christmas Day, we have breakfast in DH’s house and since we got married 6 years ago, we alternate houses for dinner – so we are due in DH’s house this year… some people think we are mad for not having dinner on our own, but to be honest I love the company and the craic is better then! After dinner, we head to Duleek again, and eat drink and be merry!!!


    have to admit i love both of these festivities even more now i have dd and this yr she’ll be almost 2 for halloween – i can’t wait.
    As halloween is on a fri i might suggest going to my sisters as there might be more of an atmosphere for E.
    Christmas now i love
    Chris Eve is my sisters b’day this yr she’ll be 30.
    My folks will come to me for lunch on xmas eve, xmas day i’ll probably wake e at 6am to open pressies if she’s not already up 😆 off to mass at 10am, then dh will have dinner ready for bout 2ish, after dinner we’ll head to my sisters house were we’ll all meet up and there wil be pressies & wrapping paper everywhere and lots of fun & laughter. Stephen’s day we all have a big dinner in mams and by then we’re fed for the Xmas hols! we’ll probably head over to l’pool to see the inlaws for a few days and my sil will have a party on new years eve – usually a good bit of fun!

    oh and i have a good chunk of my shopping done already and myself & best friend have booked 28th nov off to go shop till we drop and finish our lists and will finish of the day by having ourselves a lovely lunch/dinner somewhere 😆
    not to mention bringing E to see santa – went to pudden hill last year was done quiet well actually


    Its is also time to write up a Christmas list. This year, I decided to ask my Goddaughter to write up her list (excited that she can write on her own) and I am almost afraid of what she is going to ask for. What do kids want now anyway? What are the hottest toys on the shelf??


    I was at the Worl of Food festival in Marlay Park (rathfarnham/ dundrum) last weekend and they are advertising a Halloween party with a fancy dress parade, scary movies (for the kids i presume) and fireworks, etc. Its on the 25th from 2pm, its not that long of a drive any more with the M50 upgrades, you could be there in about 40mins. I’ll be there anyhoo, any fancy dress costume ideas for mammys???


    i hate hate hate hate hate halloween with a passion, if i can get out of it i bloody well will, ds uually goes to his dads and i hide out in my mams hahahaha
    this year though my mate is having a wee party for the kids so we’ll go to that, trick or treat and a bonfire on the way home, thats the height of it for me.

    love x mas though, have all my shopping done so i can sit back and relax(or crack up in the traffic whichever way u want t look at it). ds is going to his dads this x mas eve, this is his first year doing santa and im really sad about it but sure what can you do, im cooking dinner in my new house for my family and then ds be home at 4 and will get all his presents from me then. love outting up my tree and decorating the house and doing our little traditions, we had santa claus the movie on dvd on hols with us hahahaha.
    stephens day i aint moving from ym house as ill pretend its my x mas day with ds and the bf, eat leftovers, play the wii and watch some movies, defo not heading out this year, new years eve and my bday and thats it!!!! defo want to enjoy it in my new home and spend it with ds seeing as he wont be with my x mas eve weep weep!!!


    why hate Halloween? The kids love it and as long as they’re happy, nothing else matters. I personally love xmas though, with all the merry spirit of giving and sharing. People are much nicer during that time of the year.


    alibe yes once they are happy then yes but that doesnt mean i have to like it!!!!!
    noise of fireworks, bonfires, throwing cats in them, trick or treating just to get sweets.

    years ago when me and my bro went trick or treating, we were usually dressed up in black bags and had to sing a song b4 we got an orange or 10p or something small, no its just a total money racket, i HATE IT!!!!


    yummy you just reminded me of the time i dressed up in my granduncles coat & slippers and went trick or treating with my sis, and like you said we had to say a rhyme or sing a song at most houses and we got mainly fruit & monkey nuts – if you gave them to kids they’d give them back to you!!!!!!!!!
    i had one kid last year told me i gave more to his mates than to him – was so tempted to take what i gave him back LOL!!!!

    we’re going to my sisters for halloween so E can go trick or treating with her cousins – i wouldn’t bother if we were at home as she’s only just 2 but she’ll have fun with the older kids 😆


    My mates having a party for the kids, just about 5 of them, her son is only 3 so j and my mates son are 7 so they are going to bring him trick or treating and then she has planned games like bob the apple and the apple on a string!
    only for that j would go to his dads and id hide out in my mams!!

    i rem when j was born going to my x’s mothers house for dinner and she had money in the potatoes wrapped in baking sheets, YUCK!!!! couldnt eat me dinner cos i kept biting into money hahaha.

    and when i was younger i used to bribe my brother to give me the ring from the cake if he got it, told him he was a boy and boys couldnt wear rings lol!!!

    there is none of that stuff now, its dress up in expensive costumes and go round getting sweets, coming home eating them , being sick and going to bed!!!


    oh we do the money in the potoates – used to love it as kids – my mam does it for our kids if we have dinner in hers around halloween


    we never did that when i was younger, the money was put in the basin with the apples hahaha if you couldnt get an apple you couldnt duck for money.

    never even heard of doing that till i went for dinner and was like WTF is in my spuds, they all laughed at me hahaha.

    Sabrinab 08

    totally agree with yummymummy.. the only good thing about Halloween is the fact you know when that stupid holiday is gone that xmas is not far away!!! its sucha pain. my hubby loves it, simply for the kids, the dressing up and sweets… 👿 perosnally it wrecks my head, nothing but hassle, if all failies could enjoy it at a safe and friendly level i think everyine would porbably enjoy it too. but too much crap with older kids and fireworks, fires etc…. rant over 😆 😆


    well said 🙂

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