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    This is the First book in a thrilling new fantasy adventure series from Irish author Olive Mooney. The story begins with Simon de Bruin our unlikely hero who finds himself at a pair of tall, ivy clad, iron gates and cannot remember how he got there. As Simon asks to be let in through the gates he is asked for his D.O.D. date of death and as the hell hounds lunge out of the darkness ready to drag him away twelve year old Simon realises that he is in fact now a ghost. Simon wakes up to find that he is now a resident of Cadaver College and as the last in a long line of de Bruin warriors it falls to him to defeat the sea witch Halbizia who has cursed the college. It’s a lot for young Simon to take in but as he learns more about the college and makes some friends including Fi the pirate Princess, Augusta the suffragette librarian and Sir Syl the crusading knight who writes awful poetry Simon begins to prepare for the coming battle.

    This is an ideal read for children aged 8-11 and great to read aloud.Perfect for fans of Emily Mason’s ghost detectives and younger Derek Landy fans.

    Olive has had great fun reading the book at a number of Primary schools and will be taking part in Kildare libraries Children’s Book festival this autumn. Keep up with all her activities and competitions by liking the facebook page … 9882852387

    You can purchase the book from all branches of Dubray Books (Dublin, Bray, Kilkenny and Galway) and all branches of The Book Centre (Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, Kildare) or directly from Olive’s website

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