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    here a a few tips i’ve heard over the past few days…

    leave taps dripping, will stop them freezing

    buy bundy rolls or cook yourself rolls to have as a back up if shops cant get supplied.
    stock up on soups and tin foods ie tins of Creamed Rice
    Have enought flour etc to make your own bread (kinda miss what else you need :roll: )

    For the birds…. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Put out an apple (cut in half) for the birds
    Fresh water for them to drink and luke warm water in a bowl as Robins need to clean their feathers everyday, if they cant they loose heat and will die!!!!!
    Leave scraps out for other wildlife like foxes (mam had 4 of them in her garden last night having their dinner)

    When driving take off in the highest gear you can 2nd or even 3rd, when coming downhill go into low gears 1st or 2nd gear… when stopping gear down rather then braking, use your gears to slow you down then use gentle brakes!
    If in a skid, if in front wheel drive steer INTO the skid, the opposite in Rear wheel drive cars steer out of the skid…. But for Most of us its INTO THE SKID

    please add your tips to help us manage the cold spell……. dont forget your neighbours, old people, anyone without transport or anyone with a new baby


    Never knew that about robins bless them, must put of bread and water and i have loads of nuts etc left over from xmas that were not ate, cool stuff taylor, make me feel like i am doing my bit 😆 😆 😆 🙄


    watch the wipers on your car. They can be frozen up too with ice. Clearing them keeps window clearer and stops them getting wrecked.


    Wear a fur coat at all times, inc in bed (Taylor)


    Apparently the dripping tap one isn’t true. It can still freeze up and given that they are short on water it is better to leave it off. Our water was off for a while today, I can only guess the council turned it off as it came back on when it was getting colder outside, not warmer, so I have filled saucepans with water. I have also made sure everything is clean, dishwasher is just finished, I’ve put on the washing machine so that if we are without water for a few days we can manage. If your water does go off you can use water from your dryer if you have a condenser dryer for flushing the loo. Thats my top tip for today 🙂


    you can make bird feeder from lard and some bread crumbs seed or whatever all mashed together and use tin foil cake thing say from mince pies etc hang some string and put into the tin foil thing, saw on cbeebies lol….or also leave some bread on car roof so mice or rats don’t get it advised from montessori teacher lol…..

    spirnkle some salt at your front door or on way to car to help not slip and slide not sure how long lasts, place plastic/shopping bag on windscreen if parked and it’s starting to freeze so can take straight off and have a ice free windscreen…..

    DON’T leave car keys in car to run….

    always have a bottle of water handy in car….and blankets etc incase get stuck and waiting for help


    i’ve tried 2 shops for Salt, going to get cheap tesco brand dishwasher salt if they have some or even bags of tesco salt tomorrow… the bag is a good idea or news papers!

    I did a lard and seed feeder, but I cut the top of a large orange using a table spoon scouped the insides out, it was a jaffa so an easy job…. waited until the lard set and unpeeled the skin I was very impressed, but the apple is going down the best 🙄

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