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    Girls I had to post up about this service, have been using a window cleaner for a while even thought he was doing a great job he hounded me every 3 weeks to get my windows done!!, Im not made of money as a SAHM dh wasnt too happy with that amount of money being spent in the current climate….

    An old (er) man called the other day, really nice and jolly man. So I gave him a try, he was only 25 euro (which is cheap our normal is 30) for the house and the sunroom, 20 euro just for the house (about 10 windows)

    You should have seen the job he did, dh was well impressed, he wash the whole front door down even the wood part not just the tiny window!!! He was over 1.5 hours and Im stunned how good a job he did, he said that clean will do till xmas, not pressure to call in 3 weeks like last fella.
    He is cleaning all the gutters, including the sunroom for 40 euro, he is coming next week to do this….. I will highly recommend this man he is BRILLIANT

    CRYSTAL CLEAR.087 7923069 (Chrusty)


    taylor, same happened to me, I have a good window cleaner as well, but he was doing the same calling every 3 weeks! 😮 I started to say to dh that my windows werent that dirty lol, and then it got to the stage that he was cleaning them even when I wasnt here. So the next time he called I toldhim to knock and check with me first, and I leave it to every couple of months depending on weather and how bad the windows are!! It would soon mount up to a lot of money for window cleaning if he was to keep doing it every 3 weeks! 😆


    €40 for gutters is brilliant…mind you ours have never been done so the poor man would earn every penny!! 🙄


    40 euro for gutters sounds great as ours are manky and our ladder is one of the fold up numbers which is just a fraction to short to do the job ourselves (how convenient)! I wonder if he would travel to Collon… must give him a call

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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