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    This is an interesting read, quite twisty but some of the twists are a bit far fetched. The husband and wife at the centre of the story kind of annoyed me because they kept lying to each other but all in all, its an ok read. grand for a rainy day when you want to curl up with a book to get stuck into.

    Here is a little bit more about it
    They say they have no children. So who did I see at the window?

    My darling little boy Albie adores playing at our new neighbours’ house. And after the terrible year we’ve had, I feel so lucky that we can start over in this perfect place, with new friends who treat Albie like the son they never had. He can’t stop talking about the tree house they’re building him, and the cookies they bake together.

    But as time passes, something starts to feel wrong. Why don’t they ever open the front door more than a crack? They told me they had no children so who does the small pink tricycle I saw in their hall belong to? And why can I hear a lullaby drifting across the garden when I’m tucking my own boy into bed?

    Then, one night, I see a small shadowy figure in their bedroom window…

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