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    Mumstown is heading to Cork this weekend for the Oh Baby! Show at Fota Wildlife Park and we want to know why you think Cork is great!

    We want to know what is your favourite thing, favourite place or funniest story about Cork.

    All replies will be entered in to a draw for a lovely prize….


    The road out of it…… joke!!!

    Fota Island, Cobh, Trabolgin 😆 😆 😆


    Gougane Barra as we got married there!!!

    I love everything about Cork, its a totally different world, the pace is slower the air is clearer and the light is spectacular.


    Love Cork because I’ll have to go and visit it again. And i like go places (don’t do it really but hope for it)
    We where near by, so wanted to go the the market. Found it, but it was closed.
    So have to go again, and check opening times before 😆
    We strolled in the streets at a slow pace, visit the butter museum. Was a relaxing day.

    And now it’s not as long to go there than few years ago.



    Like the new motorway to it – just wish there was somewhere to stop along the way for the much needed loo stop (no way I’ll be able to make that whole journey straight, in my condition 😆 😆 )

    Financial Companion

    During the Cork 800 Festival in 19…..errr…never mind, it was a while back 😆 Danced live on RTE in the All Ireland Superdance Final in the Cork Opera House (still have the video 😆 ) and in the days building up to it, we were filmed dancing all over Cork, stopping traffic in Patrick Street, on a ship in the harbour etc. To honour the occasion of such a special year we were brought to the Town Hall and given parchments with each of our names that gave us some honour (not sure exactly and would love to find out, as it was something like "freedom of the city"!!!) Performing on the show in between our dancing was Johnny Logan, Joe Dolan and Dana, hosts for the show were Marty Whelan and Maxi! Some day I’ll put it up on youtube! 😆


    From Cork so slightly biased but whats not to love….

    friendly people (like me 🙂 )
    great nightlife (bars, restaurants, theatres, cimema, clubs etc)
    fantastic coastal towns (Kinsale, Skull, Bantry, Youghal etc)
    beautiful beaches (Inchydoney, Ownahincha, Barley Cove etc)
    Goungane Barra (one of the most peaceful/beautiful places on the planet)
    The Old English market (loads of yummy food)
    Great shopping (Cork city and Mahon Point)


    Razzle Dazzle – can you recommend some good places to eat that are reasonably priced, relaxed with good food and most importantly, family friendly, thanks! 😉


    Barley Cove is a fantastic spot I love it favourite beach though is a little hidden gem off the tourist trail its a tiny cove surrounded by cliffs accesible by some little steps its located near Skibbereen, its the most kid friendly beach ever cos they can’t escape or wander off out of your natural vision..the kids always end up meeting some one to pal around with too…

    I hope I make it to retirement cos Cork is where we are off 😆

    Second that about Gougane Barra Razzle Dazzle, it is stunning especially up in the hills looking down on the lakes.. I couldn’t have imagined getting married any where else.


    Yikes Sabbi, now you’ve got me! 😯 To be honest whenever we go down my mother feeds us too well to ever worry about going out with the children! We do get out by ourselves on occasion though and the following are good spots in Cork City:

    The Liberty Grill
    The Cornstore
    Soho (though I was slightly disappointed the last time I went there 🙁
    The Captains Table (above the Flying Enterprise Pub)

    Scoozi’s is also in town and tends to attract a younger crowd. It’s pretty casual dining and would be very reasonable with regard to pricing.

    If you like Chinese food the Briar Rose in Douglas is the best in my opinion, my mum loves the Bistro in the Rochestown Park Hotel and if you’re heading to Kinsale at all then you have to try Jim Edwards, very yummy indeed!



    Like the new motorway to it – just wish there was somewhere to stop along the way for the much needed loo stop (no way I’ll be able to make that whole journey straight, in my condition 😆 😆 )

    Sabbi, there is a motorway hotel called the Maldron Hotel which is just off exit 17 (the old Cork exit), it has a food court attached (O’Briens, fast food outlets etc) and loos (obviously) if you just need a quick pit stop.


    Garnish Island in west cork just off a place called glengarrif if my mind serves me correctly has to be the most beautiful places in the world that i have ever been to. The array of flowers was absolutely amazing. Aso know a few people down there. I find the cork people very friendly and inviting. Love the nightlife in the city and patrick street for shopping is great. Plenty of great places to eat. A mexican restaurant in the city being one of my favourites called the cafe mexicana and my favourite spot for a drink being the mutton lane inn. I love going out to kinsale. And a nice drive out to it as well. Thats why i love cork lol 😀


    Thanks for telling us why you ‘Love Cork’! Lots of great reasons but we can only pull out one winner…….

    And the winner of the ‘Java Republic’ Coffee Hamper, full of goodies from roasted coffee beans, to chocolate squares, to different types of teas, to a big tub of delicious hot chocolate for the kids (and adults alike!) is…..

    Mumof2. ❗ ❗

    Congratulations, we will contact you about getting your prize.

    Thanks everyone.


    And, big thanks to Java Republic, Dublin who kindly offered the prize for this competition.

    Java Republic is located in Dublin 15 and their premises boasts a generous seating area, wide choice of teas/coffees and food and also, onsite coffee bean roasting facilities.

    There is ample free parking and the coffee is of course, delicious. It is worth going over just to smell the beans being roasted and to see how it all happens. They are very child friendly too.

    Thanks again guys for the hamper, no doubt Mumof2 will enjoy it!!


    Mumof2 is delighted…. so delighted she cant remember her password 😆 😆 😆

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