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    I’d like to thank the mumstown website.
    Today I got a pm from a mum in my dd school inviting her to her a birthday party.
    As in her school they are not allowed to give invitation in the school grounds, and dd takes the bus.
    So it’s very difficult to give/ get invitations.
    So, this very nice mum, contacted me by pm.

    I’m even more happier, as dd yesterday told me that some kids don’t let her play with them, and seemed quite sad, and don’t have many friends.
    Talked to teacher about it, she was glad I told her, and is going to keep an eye on it. Teacher was nice and open about it. The staff in that school is so easy to talk to when needed.
    In the other hand, dd seems happy, and is happy to go to school. Maybe I’m worried to much, isn’t it a mum’s job?

    Thank you mumstown, through the website you’re making a little girl happier.

    Talk soon,


    Ah thats soooo sweet, hope she enjoys her party


    that’s great fabienne, lovely to hear that…’s to a happy little girl….


    Fabienne, thats so nice.

    I think no matter what, us mums will always worry a lot about our children. Thats a great way to invite someone to a party though. Its great to be able to send a PM and not have to ask in front of other parents & children who might be upset at not being invited.

    Brilliant- thanks for sharing that!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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