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    Are you buying thank you gifts for the teachers? if so, what are you buying?

    wondering what kind of gifts and money people are spending on this….


    I do get them something at Xmas, but not before they break for the summer. And I’ll spend around 10 euro in average.



    I’ll be baking cupcakes… 😉


    I need to learn to bake!! 😀 😀


    dd2 finishes mosntessori today (she’ll be doing another yr next yr) they’re having a party and she insisted on bringing in rice krispie cakes with white chocolate for her teacher – i did get a card that dd2 wrote herself and just a little candle is all – something that would be used i hope 😉


    No – banned in our school. My dd is graduating from montessori tonight and I got a letter asking me to make a slice pan of sandwiches for the party – which they are having in the pub!!!


    All the parents that i spoke to about this in the school yard were planning to spend €20 on teacher.

    ISPCC have teacher Thank you cards, were you make a donation to ISPCC, they ask minimum of €10, i think its a great idea. … eacher/828

    I also want to give the resource teacher a gift, not just the main teacher. So may just get them a voucher each for the brown hound to have a coffee & cake over the summer.

    One of my brothers had a girlfriend who is a teacher & she use to get so many candles, she didnt know what to do with them, it use to make me laugh when i saw the bags of them, saying that i bought the teachers candles for christmas -lol


    Coffee and cake idea sounds clever!


    To be honest with you – when my daughter started school first I bought her teacher a piece from The Willow Tree collection. Then when my son started I did the same – but eventually copped on (that was 5 years ago when there was a bit of extra cash in the pot!!!) mind you they only received homemade cupcakes last year and this year!

    But now my third child has just finished up in Montessori and one of the mums had a brain wave for us all to put 20 euro each into a kitty to get the 2 montessori teachers vouchers. Turned out that in total each teacher received a voucher for €150 each!!!!!!!!!

    Scandalous or what. I mean come on – what planet are we living on. I know I had the power to refuse but then with the worry of been the only parent not to participate would look worse on the day of Graduation.

    Realisitcally 10 euro would have been plenty.

    I just think that now adays there is too much pressure on parents to get stuff for the teachers. Other schools in my area sent home notes to say that a donation to a charity of their choice would be greater appreciated than a present.

    Its crazy altogether. Now that I will have 3 in school next year it will be a cake and they can divide it up among themselves 😆


    We have been asked not to send presents in this year, so DS2 will just bring in a thank you card. He has only had this teacher since beginning of May anyway as other teacher is on maternity leave.


    20 euro each misemammy – that’s mental! Its 2013, not 2007!!!

    I was in Pulse the other day (I cannot walk by that shop, I am like a magpie being drawn in by all things glittery!) and I picked up some jewellery on sale and that’s my kids teachers sorted! Got some lovely little bits that only costs a couple of euro each but are nice (I think they are nice anyway and I would wear them!) so that will do nicely.

    Am not putting myself under pressure when we have so much to buy for Back to school in September and to be honest, I don’t think the teachers would want people to be putting themselves under pressure to get them gifts.

    Something small or a nice homemade card is enough.


    I do but I find what the teacher likes and give useful gifts ones either they can use in class or use on daily basis (portable coffee mug) a resource book or planning journal,…

    Tbh I’ve been at the receiving end and its amazing the generosity of parents but totally no need to go to buy elaborate gift, a card with words from parents mean the world or a picture the child did totally themselves is more than enough… But that’s just me.


    Since my DD started school, we have all given €10 each and got our teacher a voucher – there are 14 in the class.. this works great for our class and it saves the hassle about getting something each, and then the teacher end up with loads of the same thing!

    I usually get a card and get each child to sign it.


    my dd made teacher a secret box from a shoebox she decorated and she made her name from clayotic modelling ds gave a card. my other dd had only started playschool partime in april so nothing.As much as i think the teachers deserve gifts im sorry but im not leaving myself and family stuck for money at the end of the month.Cost of living too big.

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