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    A big Thank you to Alan Delaney and the staff in the Bagel bar for all the goodies this morning. The donuts, the hot waffles and the bagel bites where just yummy.

    Now, I did mention that they were all fat free……………I lied :wink:
    (Except for the Bagels of course !!)

    Thanks to Siobhain from Mumstown and Ciara from our Marketing Department, a great day was had by all.





    i posted a Thank you for all the organising on another thread before i saw this – dh said the food was yummy


    The Bagel Bar were Extremely Generous to all us athletes today! That food was so yummy – I especially liked the mini bagels – these will be great for kids lunches, a perfect size for little ones.

    The Big Toddle was hilarious…it started off with crawlers and was very amusing that Scoles little guy would not crawl in a straight line – he kept going sideways!

    Then it got serious – with the bigger toddlers at the start line. Boys first and then the girls. They belted down the track and were so happy to get their medals and stickers at the end.

    The mums did a race then – they were all saying how they would not be able to run fast and joking around but when that horn blasted, all joking was over as they battled to the end. I thought hair was going to fly but no one was injured and the winning mum (who may or may not have used elbows to come in first 😆 😆 ) got a lovely gift from Fields jewellers for her performance!

    Then the Dads got in line – they of course, thought it actually was the Olympics as they sprinted the little track – it was so funny looking at how serious they were. But what can you do?? Its all that testosterone!

    And last – but by no means least – there was the Glamorous Granny race. This was my favourite – the two gorgeous grans were at the start line comparing ailments and injuries and saying how they could never race like the rest of us but when that horn blew, they flew off at some speed. I think they may have nudged each other along the way too – such fierce competitive spirit from two seemingly harmless grannies 😀

    Brilliant event, brilliant morning – as always, its a total pleasure going to a Laurence Town Centre event.

    Thanks again to Susan & Ciara from the centre, Katherine & Jane from Barnardos and Alan, Pano and team from Bagel Bar.


    A great morning at the Bagel Bar… The Toddle was a great success which is usual of something organised by the Centre!!

    Food was fab…. the usual delicious bagels, the mini bagels… the do-nuts, yum!! The waffles – oh my God.. fabulous! And yes Susan, totall full of fat not fat free haha!!!

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