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    I don’t pay attention to the debate or candidates as I don’t vote, not proud don’t even know the name of the candidates. But I heard about the debate on TG4, so decide to look at it for because I like the sound of the irish language and I’m proud that my kids can speak it and that is part of the culture of the country we’re living in.

    Now I’m fuming, all the candidates but 1 don’t speak irish! and the part I was on by accident was about supporting and promoting the irish language!
    They all say it has to be done, and that they’ll learn it when they’ll be president, one female candidate said she did not have time to learn it imerse herself in before. Will she have more free time when / if she’s the president?

    Really it’s not good enough! saying children in all schools have to learn, have to speak it and they can’t show the example?
    They want to reprensent the country the culture to their onw citizen and to the rest of the world, and don’t do it on a debate on an irish channel.

    Really not impressed, did not expect them to be fluent but been able to express themselves in irish even if they have to speak in a broken irish, with a slower speach.

    Ok, it’s only me. Noone has to share my point of view.

    No wonder why many pupils in schools want to give up irish and don’t see the importance of it.
    It’s part of the culture of the country.
    I’m glad and proud my kids are going to a gaelscoil so this side of the country I fell for will be in them, and I can be proud of their irish passports.

    Fabienne, who only has 2 word of irish, but I use them each time I meet a parent, munteoir in the gaelscoil.
    Yes did not really learn irish myself but I don’t pretend to represent the whole Ireland.


    I missed the TG4 debate but you’re right Fabienne – I also think they should be fluent if they are going for President.

    Being President is about representing this country and our language is a big part of that, so they should be well able to speak it.

    I presume Michael D Higgins is the only one fluent?

    That’s shocking….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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