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    It is just great to see it at last opened.

    I wish i went there before Smyths yesterday – i would have saved a lot of money..

    There is great bargains to be had

    The clothes is really nice and very reasonable.

    It is huge


    oh i cant wait, think I will go down today for a nosey .

    how sad am I!!! 😀


    if i knew it was open yesterday i would have gone up


    I didnt know it opened yesterday!!! I read it was Monday the 8th well thats what was on the leaflet sent from tesco club card.
    Dh went out to bettystown and rush out just after 9pm as it was closing at 10pm
    Is there a service station?


    i think there is meant to be one taylor, but dont know if it is opened yet???


    didnt see a service station but its open 24 hours which is brill. They also have a great deal on slabs of beer 2 for 50 euro !!!! 🙄 max of 4 per customer but i got dh to go through first with some and then i went after 😳


    Its deadly…. and just up the road from me. 😀 I think it was meant to open today but with the Dunnes opening at colpe cross I would say thats why they opened early.

    We got the beer too. Great variety on offer too and cans, normally in those kind of offers its bottles or the small cans. I think the offer ends today though, or so i heard.


    It is a very good store.

    On the day the opened they were giving 10% off your total bill, this was called a sterling allowance..maybe this is continuing.

    Best Bargain I saw was giant 24 packs of walkers crisps for 2.25!!!!!!!!

    Buy I am guess your’e all tayto ladies 😆 😆 😆 😉 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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