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    Has anyone been up to Tesco since it reopened..

    Whats it like?// Is their bargains to be had…


    Great bargains to be had on clothes espcially but its sad that they are bringing in so much foreign produce, the local suppliers are being hit in a bad way. Hope things can be turned around…


    did ya see it on the news you’d swear we droghedians never seen a tesco before….lol


    was it closed?


    Just over there today, not a lot of bargains left! 🙄 Cant beat lidl and aldi for the bargains. Ive tried and compared for the past 6months now. Going up north next week. In tesco they have sterling price on the clothes and then the euro is 1.50 extra so if its £3 then its €4.50!! The £ is the same as the € at the moment!!! I changed a sterling cheque for £20 and got €20.62!!!! NO DIFFERENCE!!! Still ripping us off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡




    God thats good to know bigsister, did you sister buy Tesco brands?

    Happy if the clothes tag has £3 or 4.50e, you only pay 3euro not the 4.50….. so the sterling price is what you pay in euro iykwim


    I done my shopping there yesterday evening…. it was mad busy! There is alot of things reduced alright and some things still not reduced,but I done a good shop and was happy with what I got, and saved me a trip up north… C&G formula is now 8.39 which is a great reduction.


    yeah dh went to do shopping on sunday but it was closed so went up yesterday – said it was mental but he did feel he got some bargains alright – be interesting to see will they keep it up


    Oh thats great the price of C&G formula…. save me a trip north.

    Still think Supervalu in Drogheda are making a brilliant effort too, might keep going there for my baby things to support a local business


    Going to try Supervalu next week… they are really making an effort is right –



    I asked the girl working in the clothes section and she said they where the euro price. Sure the 2 prices where on the clothes. Food is good value but the clothes are not. Love the chereokee kids clothes so still cough up the extra anyways.



    Just back from the new Tesco, the clothes are at the £ price but we only pay € amount, got 3 t-shirts for €3. We don’t eat meat and they now sell a big range of Quorn products which was the main reason I would go north, so delighted to be able to get them here.

    Will still shop in Super Value too as they have great offers, are local and you can park in their car park and do other messages around town before doing your shopping and not have to pay – first 2 hours free.

    My problem with the big Tesco is I buy loads of extra things, books, toys and colouring stuff for the kids, even when they are not with me. I’ll have to learn some self control!


    was there today and noticed a few differences in prices, some as little as 5c difference compared to what they were last week some as much as 2euro…..and have noticed a lot more english products in and tesco ones i’ve not seen before……

    meat not really changed much, don’t buy meat there besides sauages but they have more variety of sausages but notmuch cheaper than before…still would go to butcher….

    coke was gone 6 pack cans 3.09e buy one pack get one pack free……

    but good to see.heard people giving out they feel left out in other counties, but hang on a sec, the money is still staying in southern ireland and therefore will help maintain the irish economy…..you know what i say build a bridge and get over it….

    also to add, my son lost the little black sd card from the ds console…soooo ragging about that….oh well….


    have never shopped in tesco and dont intend to shop there now.have nothing against them but i think its easy for tesco to advertise great value when they are an english company who are probably using english suppliers.i live in the south side of drogheda and because of the traffic problems drogheda i have started to shop in supervalu in bettystown.they have all the same value as in supervalu in town and have recently opened a new butcher counter where there is great value.also they have a loyalty card which is a bonus.

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