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    does anyone know how to buy your council house through this scheme when your partner does not want to buy? my cousin has found herself in the position where she and her partner have had a lot of aggro over the xmas period.. he is now saying that they are split up. he wont move out until the council rehouse him and his daughter. the house is in both of their names. and in the meantime they have had a letter to say the tenant purchase scheme ends in 24 months. But one of the conditions of purchasing is that it must be purchased by both tenants. my cousin is at her wits end. she had rented a council house for 5 years before they got together and they both applied for the new house..there is a 21% discount on the new house as she rented for 7 years altogether. she doesnt want to let this oppurtunity pass! but her ex/partner does not want to buy with her..she works and he doesnt..and thinks shel be ‘in control’ of this ‘joint purchase’. she has told me that it will take longer than 24 months to house him and she will have missed her chance.is there anything she can do? iv looked on the net for any info but have not come up with much..any help will be greatly appreciated!

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