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    Hi All,

    As always our team here in the centre are looking at ways we can make your shopping experience with us even better than before.

    I welcome all comments, suggestions and giving out !

    Be in with a chance to win a Centre voucher to the value of €100.00 as we will enter your name into a draw.

    If you dont want to give your name, simply sign off using your Mumstown log in name and Siobhain can pass on the prize to you.

    All Points, comments, laughs and suggestions should be emailed to me at

    I greatly look forward to hearing from you.



    I like that the centre is airy for walking around.

    I like the excellent service in Marks & Spencer – other grocery shops could learn a lot from them.

    I like the kids clothes in Name it – especially when there’s a sale on.

    Shaw’s is like an aladdin’s cave, I always get something in there, I like browsing around in there when I have the time.

    The play area in the Bagel Bar is fab; its nice to be able to have lunch and know the kids are happy and safe where I can see them.

    The parking rates are better than they used to be – would be nice to get two hours for price of one if you spend over 10 or 20 euro…thats my only minor criticism.

    It’s always nice to shop in here, there is a nice atmosphere and good baby changing facilities.


    i love the laurence centre but the parking in the last few weeks is awful it is obvious that non shoppersare taking advantage of the parking rates and even filling up the disabled spots really annoyed me – no disabled stickers on their cars they should be clamped …. hopefully this will be resolved 😀


    I love Shopping in St Laurences Centre.. it is the really the place to be.. Big and airy

    Laurences Centre is the Heart of the Community
    Promotes various Charties throughout the years – Great Support given to Drogheda Special Olympics Club

    I love Marks and Spencers great customer service, great variety

    Shaws is a haven of excitement – loads of interested bargains – love Libra

    Great Eateries – Bagel Bar is a fan of my work Colleagues – we do a weekly visit

    Just a pity there isn’t toilets near there….

    Keep up the good work


    I love the way this centre is for all the family.

    My daughter and her friend like to go for lunch and to do some shopping together and the centre has everything under one roof.

    Some might say "sure scotch hall has all that as well", however the Laurences town Centre is much more welcoming and all the staff are very helpful. I have never seen the security guard stopping young people on the way in asking what shops they are going to and if they have money to spend, unlike the above mentioned center.

    My favourite shop has to be Boots and no doubt with bookilsts been issued at the moment I will be paying a couple of visits to the Wise owl!!!


    I frequent the centre every week now and nearly always go to the Bagel Bar, when kiddies are in tow, or M&S cafe when I’m on my own!
    Always enjoy browsing round Shaws, Boots & M&S…
    Love the fact that the centre regularly have family things on, which would include free face painting etc, and they are all friendly too!

    A reduction in parking for the 1 – 2 hour timescale would be good too, like Sabbi said 2 hours for 1 if you spend over an amount… toilets downstairs would be great! And to move the soap down for the little ones to reach in the toilets would be brilliant!


    The centre is lovely it’s really just down to the variety/combination of shops, it could really do with something to amuse the men and teenagers as there are plenty of ladies clothes shops but no good bookshop or music/game store.

    When having a good girly shop it’s great to banish the men to bookstore and the teenagers too, that way you can pay for your items without them gasping at the till screen !

    Even the coffee shops don’t leave comp newspapers to keep the men sipping longer ! Mc Donalds do !

    Oh and my teenager is longing for a fastfood outlet like Burger King there!

    Good luck, I hope you find the right solutions to keep the centre at the top !

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