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    Hi, just wondering if babies usually go off their bottles when teething. Mine is almost 6 months old and was hoping to start him on solids next week, but Public Health Nurse said he should be draining his bottles before starting to feed him. Is it because he is teething he is not finishing them? He might only have about 3 1/2 bottles out of 5 every day. Thanks


    Hi there..my little en was bout 5months when I started soilds..she would have 6oz bottles and only drink 3 – 4 oz and I got told t same thing bout draining t bottle..I gave her baby rice 2 start wiv at midday bottle..I then went on 2 sweet potatoe and carrot then other veg and potato..when she was teething she didn’t eat as much still doesn’t..when she was 8months I was told 2 give her bread which really mucked everything up cuz she stopped eatting fruit and veg..I’ve only just got her back on meat and 2 veg at 13months..do wat u think is best for ur babes the health visitors aren’t alway rite..good luck..


    some babies justgo off bottles, i think phn’s tend just to give out the general advice instead of taking the child as he or sheis, some babies don’t drink their bottles and prefer solid foods, my ds loved both, he was a hungry child and he’s not that bothered with food now, eats only plain white food and he’s 3…..
    some will go off their bottles too when teething they get wingey and that and they get fed up like you would if had a sore mouth etc….
    try your baby with a little food, like sunshine orange or baby porridge and see how he likes it and still try with bottles….best of luck


    When it came to starting solids all my children were different as how they started and when.

    My last little boy is now 10 mths. I normally start spoon feeding when they start waking up at night again or waking very early in the morning for another feed. The spoon feed keeps them sleeping better and feeling full longer. He was about 5 months. I couldn’t hold out till 6mths as he was hungry and unsettled and little spoon feeds during the day did settle his sleep again.

    I start with literally a teaspoon or two of food and build up gradually….it can take some babies a while to get the hang of it. If you think about it when a baby gets up some milk ‘sick’ they automatically try to spit it out. So here we go putting something solid into their months and they try to automatically spit it out too. It can take a few goes before they keep the food in and try to swallow it.

    I used to feed them some bottle first so the ‘hunger’ would be off the baby and they would be more relaxed when I tried the spoon feed. I gave him about 3oz baby milk first. I found if I tried to spoon feed him without giving him some bottle first he would be so hungry and annoyed that he wouldn’t have the patience or interest for the spoon feed. But by giving him the small bottle feed first he was settled and relaxed and ready to try the spoon feed.

    I also started the drinking cup bit by bit when I was spoon feeding and he did have a while of just playing with it or me helping him drink but again he took to it and at 8mths he drank out of the cup and still drinks out of the cup with his spoon feeds and has a bottle in the morning at about 4ish and one before bed. He has 3 spoon feeds a day now, breakfast, dinner and tea and takes juice or water from a cup with these.

    The gums can be so sore when they are teething that its uncomfortable to suck a bottle. A little tip I used(when his gums were really sore) was to rub some Bonjella on the gums before the bottle feed to numb them a bit and he relaxed and was able tos suck the bottle.

    Hope of some help


    My son is 4 months and teething like mad.t you know your baby and when they are ready. he’s taken 2 meals a day. the larger the baby i find the sooner they start to feed. i contacted the advice line on his formula and found them very helpful. also contact eumom they’re great

    Sunshine orange is great. Rusks are great to bring with you, just add some formula.


    Thanks a million for all replies. That tip re rubbing bonjella on his gums before giving him a bottle really works. Thanks Mummy5! He’s loving his food too so long may it last!! 😀

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