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    II have one very sad little boy at the moment.

    My ds (10mths) in bits with his teeth all week. He is getting 2 incisors, he always seems to get 2 together. He already had four teeth before this, 2 on bottom, 2 on top & now these 2 are on either side of top teeth. His first four teeth didn’t bother him too much but these seem to be really killing him.

    To make matters worse or maybe because he is teething (i’m not sure) he has a very bad head cold as well. We are just came back from our holidays on Sunday, so maybe the change of climates didn’t help or the journey on the plane caused the cold, i just don’t know.

    He is so bunged up that he has to breath through his mouth. Since yesterday he won’t eat & barely taking bottle. Childminder rang me in work yesterday, as he was so miserable, crying & not sleeping.

    We thought that there just had to be something more wrong with him then just teething & a cold so i brought him to the doc yesterday afternoon butseemingly not!!

    She told me not to worry about the food to just try to keep him hydrated & give him painkillers. And seeing as he wasn’t lethargic he should be ok.

    Trying to give him fluids & painkillers is a bit hard seeing as he won’t open his mouth. Wont even let me put bonjela on his gums, we are not allowed near his mouth. He just shakes his head as if to say no.

    He had a temperature so I tried to give him a suppository last night (never done that before) but he kept pushing it out, think i got it in, in the end but didn’t seem to make any difference to his form. He hates calpol but sometimes takes nurofen which we had to force into him but still he seemed to get no comfort.

    He went to bed at 8pm last night but then woke at 9pm & was awake crying until 1am when he cried himself to sleep in my bed!! Nothing would comfort him. He woke again at 6am.

    This morning he drank his milk but then threw it all up on me.

    Hope he is ok, i hate seeing him like this. Wrecked today.

    My dh took day off to mind him, he is not as upset as he was & has slept a bit today but still wont eat.

    Sorry to go on, i’m sure you’ve all been through it before.

    Just looking for advise, would a baby really be this upset & sick from teething??????

    Going to go to chemist on way home from work to get those sachets that you put into water for dehydration, hopefully he will take it. :cry: :cry:


    Edel sorry to hear that you DS is having such a hard time with the teething. I have a friend who’s daughter was similiar, even had bad diarrhoea along with it too.
    Have you tried Teetha? I found it great with our DD. Or a cold teething ring for him to chew on? You can get Panadol for babies now too, have never used it though, so no experience of it. Also, if he is bunged up, you can use Karvol which is a brilliant decongestant and another vicks like stuff called snuffle babe.

    I’m sure you must be wrecked aswell, and I hope that he is feeling better soon. Take care.


    Thanks for reply.

    I have teetha but he wont take that either. Just won’t let me near his mouth. the cold ring does help but just for a few minutes. have spoons and everything in my fridge at the moment.

    Using the karvol aswell but think that makes his eyes water, not sure but used it for the first time yesterday & he wouldn’t stop rubbing his eyes – not sure if it is related.

    Yeah, we are pretty wrecked alright too.

    Was it this bad with your dd? were some teeth a million times sorer then others?

    I think we were probably getting away too lightly with the first four teeth, i knew he was too good to be true.


    i used teedex with my dd ( she is 7yrs now) and it was brilliant …buy your self a syringe for giving him his medicine just squairt it straight in to his mouth he will eventually swollow it …


    We were very lucky with DD when she was getting her teeth.
    You can also get doodies that have a syringe in it, for easier medicine giving.


    i used teedex with my dd ( she is 7yrs now) and it was brilliant …buy your self a syringe for giving him his medicine just squairt it straight in to his mouth he will eventually swollow it …

    What Rossy said is correct teedex and give it on a syringe between the teeth and cheek, if you do it this way it just slides down the neck and harder for them to spit back at you.

    Some kids can suffer really bad with teething, we were the same with ds all was a walk in the park untill the Molars came and then the runny nappies and sore bum came along, it was a nightmare looking at a you baby like this.

    My ds found eating daddys leather belt or my leather key ring great for teething, he would munch it for ages and there would be drool everywhere but he seemed in less pain so it was ok.
    Have you ever tried Steaming? I found ds would get very stuffy and I find steam a dream, I got a vicks one in Bradleys chemist in the boyne centre and think Hickys stock them too.
    Saline drops are brilliant (just salt water drops for the nose) and Nasal Aspirators are brilliant for clearing the nose
    The poor boy, it could be teething and a viral infection, know loads of people sick with virlal/sinse infections.
    Hope he improves


    my dd had a bad rash on her bum when she was getting her back teeth i used weleda nappy rash cream its really good rash was gone in a day. i was sick of using creams that only worked for a couple of days this worked in a day and hasnt come back in 3 months. i would really recomend this cream.


    my mum swears by rubbing a drop of whiskey onto the gums for teething children, she would put a tablespoon into the night time bottle (but I wouldnt recommed that) I suppose this was before the days of calpol….

    My mum was here and ds slept like a log when teething really really bad, it turned out my mum put a spoon of whiskey and rubbed his gums when we were gone out 🙄 No wonder why we were a generation of alcos 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Try Rubymum and see if she has anything for teething


    Thanks for all your suggestions.

    Only getting to see them now as couldn’t get into mumstown until today as ds banged the keyboard & did something to my internet, all fixed now thank god.

    Poor man is still not well, now have the drops for his nose so they are helping.

    I really think that he had a viral infection too, as he got his first four didnt with little difficulty, so i can’t understand why this are causing so much hassel.

    He is still waking loads at night (every 2 hours),crying endlessly not eating much & generally miserable.

    Have remedy from rubymom, so starting that ASAP.

    Just want my happy little man back.

    Im sick myself too which doesn’t help.


    Edel, when did you bring him to the doctor??? If its been a week past, i would bring him back. And say your not happy.

    If he is that bad, he needs an antibiotic!!! Nothing surer. The poor little lamb. I know they say "keep him hydrated" but you cant do that if he wont open his mouth. He clearly has a very bad sore throat also and until you get something stronger for him, the worse he may get.

    My little one was the same, our doc was crap though so i went back to a different doc and was told that baby should have been on a antibiotic ages ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some docs are s*ite (excuse the french!) I wouldnt leave it though personally!!!!


    How is your little boy doing? Hope he is getting better by now


    Yeah, he is defo on the mend, Thankfully.

    I really feel that he had a sore throat too, as he didn’t eat & barely drank for three full days.

    The Two teeth still haven’t cut through completely but don’t seem to be bothering him much at the moment.

    We was so, so, so sad, it was heart breaking to see him as he is usually such a happy, social child.

    It is great to see him happy again.

    Thanks for all the advise & good wishes.


    When they are teething on the front teeth they are just off on the day the tooth breaks through, but the back teeth give trouble when they are moving down in the gums, the cutting doesnt seem too bad.
    I know ds cutting his back teeth went on for about 4 weeks, I was giving calpol and rang the gp about how often I had to give it to him, his bum would also go raw red and her would have runny nappies for about a week……. poor little mites

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