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    I say our daughter is teething, she is dribbling like mad and is chewing her fingers, hands and anything she can shove in her mouth. she had pink cheeks and to me, is showing all the signs of a baby who is teething.

    mu husband thinks I’m mad, he says she is not teething at all she is just a baby who is dribbling. our last baby did not cut a tooth until she was 11 months old and he says they do not start teething until later on. I think he’s talking rubbish….

    so thought would ask on here what you gals think??? is dribbling, chewing, pick cheeks and the odd heartbreaking cry = teething???


    teething. It could be just the beginning when gums are getting ready for next stage or you could have a tooth out soon.
    Mums know best 😆 😆



    definatly teething my ds cut 2 teeth at 16 weeks 😆



    Some Dads know a thing or two abouta thing or two.

    She’s learning about herself everyday, reaching for anything she can get her hands on and like every baby first reaction is stick that object in her gob…much like her hands.

    As for the odd heart breaking cry…3 things make my daughter cry…poo/hunger/tiredness…much like her Dad.

    Pink cheeks…her Mam insists the baby is kept warm at all times.

    Dribbling…she has no teeth…where’s the saliva to go?

    While I accept Mums will stick together (fair enough), I’m not convinced and will remain skeptical until I feel little bumps in her gums…which are currently soft, from memory the gums harden when teeth come along!


    http://www.thenewparentsguide.com/baby- … ng%20begin?
    (just to throw that spanner in the works…. )

    tee hee! Mine were around the 5 month mark… 🙂

    Sounds like teething to me….. 😉 Hers, although no hard bump, could be getting ready…

    Don’t forget, every child is different…..
    Mine had slight temperatures whenever a tooth was coming out…


    I’m sticking to my guns ….. definitely think its teething!! 😉 😉


    1st tooth here at 4 months too!


    I also think is teething 😉
    My little princess is 5 months old at the moments and she has the same signs as you described . I hope tooth will come out soon . She is very cranky at evening time too and gums are a bit tender .
    Congratulations happymumblemum !I think is amazing feeling to see your child’s first tooth 😉


    I have to agree with Dave on this one..Sorry Sabbi!

    IMHO-Babies dribble and have flushed cheeks months before they are teething. For me I know a baby is teething when they have a rash on the chin from the acidic teething saliva, have acidic smelling nappies, sudden sleepless nights and go off food for a day or two. A breastfed baby who is teething will nurse a lot more as there is an analgesic property to nursing.
    You also see the pink line on the gums. Some babies might get slight temp and runny nose as well.

    As for everything going into the mouth- there is a physiological reason for that. Babies taste buds are 400x more sensitive than an adults. It’s how they explore and learn about their environment for the first year. She can grip objects with herhands but she doesn’t have the ability to stroke, poke or prod with her fingers yet. However, your baby can control her lips and tongue so she can mouth and gum objects as she pleases. In fact her mouth has more nerve endings per square millimetre than any other part of her body.

    If she really wants to find out what something feels like, she puts it in her mouth.

    I know every baby is different but this is just my 2 cents 😉


    First tooth here at 5months, my bil was born with 2 teeth!!!


    still no teeth – hubby may have been right (yes, it pained me to write that!!!) 😉 😉

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