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    As a homeopath this is something that comes up regularly for parents of young children. Some children produce teeth without any fuss or discomfort, others can be a nightmare for their entire teething period, suffering great pain and colds, diarrhoea, mood swings and sleeplessness. Here are some of the most common homeopathic remedies used in treating teething difficulties. With homeopathy you are always trying to match the symptoms of the child to a particular remedy. Once you have found the remedy that helps repeat as needed – stop on improvement and give again when the pain returns. If these suggestions fail to have any effect a professional homeopath can usually help.

    Calc Phos New Era Tissue Salts
    For teeth that are late, slow and difficult in coming through. It is particularly useful for either 1st or 2nd teeth that are proving slow and difficult in cutting through the gums. Child may develop diarrhoea – green stools, colds or coughs.

    Chamomilla 6c
    This is the remedy that is in Teetha.
    Painful dentition. Pains unbearable, cries out in sleep. Restless sleep – often accompanied with diarrhoea – green stool. Worse for the heat of the bed, warm food/drinks, for pressure. A baby may have at the same time one hot red cheek or a red patch on one cheek and the other cheek pale and cold.
    A BABY IN NEED OF CHAMOMILLA WILL BE IRRITABLE – NOTHING WILL PLEASE THEM. If this irritability is not present chamonilla/teetha is not the remedy for your baby.

    Calc Carb 6c
    Slow and difficult teething with diarrhoea. Swollen gums and mouth. Grinds gums. Worse with cold air or hot food.The baby in need of calc carb will tendto be a chubby baby who sweats easily on the head and neck. They are chilly and late in walking and talking. They tend to catch colds easily.

    Pulsatilla 6c
    Painful teething. Better for cold water, a walk in fresh air. Worse for the heat of the bed, warm food/drink.
    A baby in need of pulsatilla will be clingy and whiny and in need of mammy – ALL THE TIME.

    Remedies can be given to babies by crushing the pillule to powder between 2 spoons and rubbing the remedy on their gums. Remedies are available from Boots, Holland and Barrett, Only Natural and Miriam Mahers.

    Hope this is of some help.

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