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    Looking for suggestions for a family sun/beach holiday that will keep teenagers happy & entertained. just researching some possibilities for next year.

    p.s. also travelling with toddler, so not looking so much for club fest!!


    Hi Wonderwoman

    Thanks for your post and I just popped you an email yesterday so if you don’t get it let me know!

    I think it is a little tricky trying to keep teenagers and toddlers happy but I do certainly agree that if the teenagers are happy first thats a priority! All Inclusive can be a very practical and economical way to go beacuse everything is included – all meals, all snacks, all drinks (including alchohol) and sometimes activities. Most all inclusive resorts tend to offer great facilities on site too – lots of sports, kids clubs, entertainment etc.

    The other option I was thinking was cruises maybe? They are becoming so popular and again the facilities on board are really brilliant. Most cruises are full board so all food is included too.

    As mentioned in the email, I will get some costings on the above for you so you can see whats on offer for next summer – I have a couple of nice properties in mind that might be just perfect!

    Anything else at all I can do in the meantime, just let me know!



    Costa Del Sol for defo!!!!!

    Tormellinos/Belemedena(sp?) are great spots!
    Will defo keep your teenager and toodler amused!!!!


    thanks Ciara, I got your email.

    thanks yummy Mummy, I’ll keep that in mind….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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