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    So schools are now going to be closed on this day.

    What ye all think ????


    Just saw this on the news, making no plans yet, the last one was cancelled!


    We should support the striking workers. The government should not be allowed to penalise public sector workers on moderate incomes and make them pay for the budget defecit


    I guess they must feel pretty desperate to be moved to vote for strike action. Won’t be doing it lightly, I’m sure.

    If there are concerns about to be voiced about how kids will be minded on this occasion, maybe members could use mt as a way of pooling together minding power – "mini minder-finder" maybe?



    Public sector workers have been on the gravy train exactly like the Private sector workers for the last ten or fifteen years.
    Private sector workers have seen tax and PRSI increases as have the Public sector fair comment. However hundereds of thousands of private sector employees have lost there jobs. Hundreds of thousands of private sector workers have taken pay cuts to remain in employment.

    Public sector workers should stop feeling sorry for themselves and start taking some of the burden as well.

    Some of there perks.
    Defined benifit pension scheme.
    Job for life.
    More than reasonable rates of pay.


    Agree…Bloody Disgraceful


    my dd’s school hasn’t mentioned them closing yet….might be in this weeks newsletter
    its terrible that people like teachers, nurses etc have to strike to get anything done when the fat cats ( 👿 ) sit on their buts all day doing nothing and get paid 3 times as much as the people having to go on strike


    Why isn’t it mandatory for them to strike outside the schools??? Surely if they balotted to strike then they shouldnt just see this as a day off.

    Major backlog into newry today………….hmmmmm wonder why that is!?!


    Not all teachersI in schools want to strike but because the union said so, they have no choice!
    So don’t blame them, get a unpaid day for something they don’t all beleive, so why not go shopping.

    I also want to say, they work hard, and the pay is not a juicy as some people think.

    Job safe, yes, but private sector gets more money.
    And some CHARITIES, have staff working (management) for them, and are paid as much as big compagnies in private sector. Ask us to give money and time, but doesn’t apply for them……

    So please, stop shooting at teachers.



    I’m not shotting at them at all…..I have a friend who is one!!!(and I know all about the pay, yard duty, homework club…but I also know alot about the hard work and parents they have to deal with)

    But obviously the majority voted to strike so why shouldnt they be made to picket????? Thats the only point im making.

    My mam is a nurse and she is being made picket?????!!!!! She doesnt want to but she was told she has too…..why is it different?

    Also I can see their(majority of public sector workers) point in not wanting anymore pay reductions but does anyone not think this is a pointless exercise considering the budget hasnt even come out yet?


    It is a pointless excersise and I hope they gets whats coming in the budget.
    They are supposed to be on strike, not one school I have passed today has a picket outside. They are using this for a day off.

    There are an awful lot of people from the private sector now on a pernmanent day off.

    They have some cheek stopping kids from going to school. They bang on about its not for money and all we want is to give our kids and education. They have a day to make a point and they head to Newry to take money off the government.

    Looking forward to the budget to see them get a similar hit to the private sector.


    whats even more annoying is the fact that it is going to cost country something like €400 million (i think that is what i heard) just for this one day! there are lots of people in the private sector that either don’t have a job or have taken a pay cut……..do u see them picketing and causing disruption………..


    I have a friend in the public sector who used to moan at me all the time when I worked in the private sector because I was on good money. He lobbied with his co-workers for benchmarking and as a result his salary was brought in line with private sector pay.

    My husband and I were both made redundant from the private sector in the past few years. While we struggled to pay our mortgage, my friend in the public sector has a steady job for life. Yes, he has taken some pays cuts due to the pension levy but – his mortgage has come down significantly – so he is no worse off at all financially.

    We are working hard to build a business and support our family and we got no work done today as the kids are all here. Seems unfair that we had to lose a days work because of this and the kids had to lose a day in school.

    I know there were lots of pickets going on today but there were also huge tailbacks into Newry….

    I understand these guys are fighting against cuts but many of us have lost our jobs completely and have had to find other ways to make a living. If we had been offeredto keep our jobs for life but were forced to take a pay cut, the decision would have been an easy one.

    With the current state of our country we all need to pull together and support each other and while it is tempting to pop up North for shopping – we need to shop locally to help our economy recover or we’ll be even worse off!


    I agree with Sabbi – athough in terms of shopping here – I did my monthly shop in one of the shops here this month as I didn’t feel like the drive to Newry and believe me it will be the last time!

    It cost me more and I got a hell of a lot less for my money, and I don’t buy the expensive brands – well maybe one or two….but still!

    Does the government not realise with the taxes and VAT on the food how expensive it really is to feed your family? I know this is sabotaging this thread abit – but it comes to the same – more money is needed in our pockets, private or public sector and not in the governments’ so that we can support or local communities – but more and more taxes are being taken from those with jobs and those without even – to a certain extent!

    Take a pay cut and atleast have a job that you are able to pay mortgages and provide for your family, rather than being unemployed and on the dole and struggling from month to month!!


    ok everyone is entitled to picket for whatever reason…however as said above it’s not a day to go shopping, they are supposed to be picketing….was a disgrace…they also by doing this have really put the 2 fingers up to the government they are taking the mick if they went on strike however used it as a let’s get ready for christmas day…that would be so so wrong…

    there were thousands of kids out of school today what about them? i realise that nursing staff were doing the basics, garda cannot strike but were responding to emergency calls, etc etc…

    however i did see 3 people picketing in drogheda at the garda station, and then about 3 more at haymarket today…..and NONE, NADA NOBODY at the local schools…i’m furious i think it’s a total outrage, my cousin said her son’s teacher told the kids yesterday there’s no school 2moro as we have to say to the bad men that they can’t take our money….now come on that’s not right either to tell kids…..

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