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    hi all, my dd came home from school yesterday a bit upset. we were in a rush that morning and forgot to pack her homework copy and remedial class copy. when she told the teacher this , she said she was going to ring home and find out if she really forgot it…then when she went to the remedial class for reading she told her remedial teacher she forgot her remedial copy, who then shouted at her that she couldnt be bothered to teach her when she had no copy and sent her back to class…. :x she has dyslexia and finds it hard to keep up sometimes, so she needs the extra help.. needless to say i was like a bull..granted that she can be a messer in class and it takes a lot to get her paying attention. but still..she is only 10 and so small for her age that i cant bear people givin out 2 her.. :lol: still undecided as to what to do…the teacher who shouted at her was teaching when i went there…she was a wagon then 2!! :lol: what do you think?


    Am secondary school teacher by profession, altho out of the classroom these three years.

    If, as a teacher, u r shouting at a child, u have lost control of urself and this is not acceptable when u r in loco parentis of someone else’s kids, I think. Yet we all have off moments, but still feel i would expect comeback from a parent if I did this.

    Think u should address the fact with teacher that a) dd was upset and b) any issues about forgotten books should be taken up with you, not the child, in the first instance. Give her a chance to address her behaviour if you like (teacher) before you go higher. The outcome you want is that dd does not ever have a repeat of this, so the people whose actions need to change are those teachers, so address it with them.

    But try and be calm when you go in, with a very specific aim in mind of what you want to achieve. Am sure ur instinct is 2 vent anger in 1st place, mine would be also, but would advise retaining focus on what you want out of the meeting.

    HTH, obv just my own opinion and experience, each to their own.


    Great advice hjs. I reckon I would be livid but once had calmed down would want to do something

    Good luck – let us know how you get on…


    definately go and discuss with the teacher and stay calm….do not lower to her standard by getting angry and flustered and rasing your voice…calmly discuss the matter…hope all will be ok…..

    best of luck


    jillybean, u have to havea word with this teacher.a forgotten copy not exactly criminal offence!!!! as a proffessional, she shouldnt ever shout at a child inher care but she isa human and may have been having a bad day.or may just be a nasty person 😈 altho that no excuse really. at the very least you should get an apology.good luck.

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