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    Hi there,
    Just looking for some suggestions of little presents for teachers at the end of the school year. my childrens teachers are in they’re 40’s, I used to buy them nice beauty sets but apparently she leaves them all in the classroom or gives them away at school jumble sales!
    budget is 20euro each. any ideas most welcome!


    hi ann
    A good friend of mine is a teacher, she teaches kids aged between 5 and 7. She gets buckets of wine, chocs and even plants and hates it all as she says she ends up eating and drinking the whole summer long!
    she thinks these days parents don’t buy cheap smellies, she might get a nice elizabeth arden cream or a voucher for Clinique which of course she loves! if that’s out of your budget and u want something different get her a box of Shoeisms, it’s a new thing, a little box of lovely thought provoking, inspirational cards, really cute and only 20euro.
    happy summer!


    What about a book voucher from Waterstones, its something they are sure to use


    I am now in year 3 of buying teacher presents.

    The first year I got to know DD’s teacher really well. She was a really trendy mid 40’s lady, and had her own house. I bought her a money box in Hallmark (the one’s made from delph) It was a high heel shoe with a leopard skin pattern. It had ‘Money for Shoes’ on it. She absolutely loved it.

    Last year DD had an older lady, not married and didn’t get to know her at all. She wasn’t married and lived on her own. I got her a bird nesting box for her garden. She loved it too.

    Neither were over €20

    Haven’t a clue about this year. I have 2 to buy for. One is in her 20’s, trendy, not married and renting. The other is a very young, very trendy granny. Might go for the money box again for them.



    we normally give 5 euro each and get one big present , at xmas we got a scotch hall voucher for 150 euro , only problem is dat some of the parents give nothing towards it 👿


    Thats a great idea Noeleen, to bunch together for a good value present, cannot believe some of the parents didn’t give anything!

    I need to get something for DD playschool teacher… its her last year with her, so want to get something really nice, but there are three in the playschool….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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