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    I know very little about tax & i always liked to keep it that way, i have no interest.

    We are both PAYE workers, so our employers look after that. My dh thinks he knows a bit more then me about tax & he does our tax returns every year for a property we bought years ago (its a complete thorn in our sides now, negative equity etc, renet doesnt near cover the mortgage etc i might aswell be ripping up money with it). Anyway every year we get a tax clearance cert so thought all was right, but yesterday we got four letters from the revenue, each a bill for tax owed from different years – it totals a few thousand :( :( :( :(

    Seriously could they be serious?? How can they give you tax clearance certs & then claim that a mistake was made & we own thousands??

    Not a nice thing to get along with some Christmas cards.

    Zacchaeus is alive & kicking.

    So stressed, dh hardly slept last night.


    personally i’d ring them
    they told my husband 2yrs ago that i hadn’t paid any paye for a certain yr and therefore we owed all my paye for a yr. i nearly had a heart attack – i rang up about it and they told me my employer must have made a mistake filling in the form – i actually fill in the form on behalf of my job for all the employees and there was nothing wrong with it -it was an internal mistake on the revenue’s behalf.
    do you know anyone that could look at the returns for you and see if it’s your hubby or the revenue that is right – i wouldn’t be happy just taking their word for it.

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    I would contact the Revenue and request a breakdown of how they calculate that you owe them. The tax clearance certs would be issued based on the information they had but if any changes occurred, this might explain. I know one nasty thing that catches people out, is even if rental income does not come close to covering a mortgage, i.e. there is no net profit, they charge the universal social charge on the rental income BEFORE considering mortgage, insurance, expenses etc.! So even though you might not make money on it, they are still charging!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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