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    help my i brought my daughter down town the other day she had 4 tantrums on the town we were only on the 5 minutes
    she wanted to go home took a huge tantrum i had to put her in the stroller
    second one she wanted ice cream but she didn’t eat any of dinner so i told her no anyway it was to cold
    third for one third one we were in a clothes store and i was looking for something to were for christmas she kept running in and out i told her to stop and be good she got on the floor and started screaming and crying i put her in the stroller again.
    number 4 the big one was in a restaurant because the girl didnt give her coke she got the tray of food and belted it on the floor. then locked her self in the toilet and wouldn’t come out for a half an hour.

    she has never done anything like that before. i dunno what to do?


    Could see be coming down with something and didnt want to be there….. its hard to know
    Maybe she doesnt like shopping. Dont give into her, just talk nice and slow and gentle tell her that she cant throw all the tantrums she wants she wont get her own way, try to ignore her but I know its not easy


    I cn before on telly bout children and there behaviour a woman had a lil girl who through tantrums in the shops it got so bad she would noot bring her out anymore but the woman who was giving the advice said when she does that jus hold onto her tightly till she stops it might be embarrassing but it seemed to work after a couple of times.


    She would not happen to be around 2 would she???? The joys of toddlers!!!! If I go shopping own my own, I put the baby and the 2yr old in the pram – he knows that he is going to be in the pram with mammy and there is no way out. Generally, he will behave but when he gets tired, hunger or bored he will start looking for the loo and acting up.

    If I go shopping with my hubby, he always lets ds loose – and there is always trouble! He will test us to the absolute limit to see what he can get away with.

    I think we do tend to loose track of time when we are out and about and the little people with us get very bored.


    shes 3 going on 13 worst than a teenager lately with her mood swings 😆 . she slams doors stamps her feet a lot. my mum said they all go through the terrible 2’s, wingey 3’s and curious 4’s,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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