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    Hi all.’m hoping someone can help me with my wee dilemmma. Im not one for fake tanning. The first and last fake tan i had was 8 yrs ago. But i’ve a special weekend away to go on in a few weeks and i want to look my best. I want to get a tan done 2 days before i go and last me for at least 3 days later. I want a tan that will stay on even when i shower and shave. I havent a clue about fake tan, so anyone help me with some suggestions please.


    Hi Grainne,

    I was at a wedding last week – I got my tan done on Wednesday and it is still looking good. It was a Fake Bake tan. I have only ever got a fake tan twice before and both times it was barely visible on the day and did not last. I would recommend the fake bake. I am in Kentstown, which is probably a bit far for you but if not, there is a new salon called Cocoon and it is really cheap and the lady who runs it is lovely.

    Not sure on the shaving – I am quite dark so any stubble shows up very quickly. I shaved before I got the tan and the stubble is not really visible yet.


    Fake bake is brilliant


    fake bake is brill!!!!!! I have yet to find a tan though that will sustain on me if i shave. why dont you treat yourself and get waxed 2 days before you get the tan. It will stay when you shower as long as you dont scrub yourself. I also find if you use baby oil or a body oil before u get out of shower that the tan lasts longer.


    hi grainne.

    I have a salon in Drogheda & we do Fake Bake & Sun-Fx. 99% of the tans we do are Fake Bake because it’s the most natural on fair Irish skins. We’d do sun-Fx around grad time cause it is a darker tan and they all want to be dark!!! Fake Bake is a brown toned tan where as a lot of tans (sun fx included) are yellow toned. Yellow toned tans are nice on sallow skins, but not fair. That’s why Fake Bake is so popular! Hope this explains it for you!
    when you’re getting ready for your tan do all your shaving the day BEFORE, not on the day of tan otherwise it can be streaky. Also exfoliate your skin the day of the tan or the day before. Do not put on any creams or deoderants the day of the tan & wear old loose clothing. The tan should last between 5 to 7 days if you moisturise every day after getting tan done & you should be able to shave the day after getting the tan without affecting it. Hope this helps!!!


    Thanks for the advice. Will defintely be going for the fake bake.
    Will let yous know how i get on with it.

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