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    This is baby number4 for me and I have avoided fake tan on all of them but have a wedding next week and decided needed a little bit of colour on my legs (for thesake of the everlasting wedding photos!)

    Had looked around for a tan that is safe in pregnancy and its not easy to find one but eventually came across Tan Organic. It was one of the products from Dragon’s den last year. This was recommended as being without nasty chemicals and other yucky stuff so contacted them and they said yep, its safe to use in pregnancy.

    Tried it and its grand. You do need to exfoliate well first (a few hours or even a day before) but once you do that, it goes on easily enough, does not have a strong smell and lasts a few days. You would definitely need a glove/mitt to apply it, to get it to be non streaky but overall, its quite good.

    Thought would let other mums-to-be know incase anyone else needs to cover a pair of pasty legs, like me :lol: :lol:

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