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    Just wanted to say, myself and DH went to Tangos last night for the first time and I have to say it will be the only chinese I will get from now on. It was absolutely fab.

    The do an "eat all you can" for 19 euros per adult. You have 14 different starters to choose from, (we had 5 between the 2 of us), and you have about 30 main dishes to choose from (we had 4 between us and rice, noodles and chips). It would be great with a group of people. When you finish what you get you can get more, we didnt as I couldnt move after all we had. This particular menu is available from Monday to Thursday.

    Cant wait to get a takeaway from it now.


    oh that sounds nice where is it?


    above astrotots…..

    have heard mixed reviews…


    think its lovely as well, its our local, only downside is they dont deliver 🙁

    Sabrinab 08

    Totally agree, i think they should advertise more.. i wouldnt eat other chinese’s after having theirs.. the takeaway is the exact same quality as sittin in.. bit more exspensive but well worth it! top class ingredients.. the kids meals are good value too on that 19 euro menu 😀


    Hi ed1,
    i totally agree with you i actually felt the same only chinese tango came to my mind now after trying i luv their buffet menus really worth it yummy 😛

    i like dh along with me as for me one person i cant eat all of it and more enjoyable eating with someone too .

    dh & i luvs indian Garam Masala.too … 😉


    Just want to say we had the all you can eat buffet the other day..get the take away there alot..and it is fantastic value for money..and great quality too. A really great find!!! Can feel my waist expand just thinking about it!!!


    we love the place went there last night to celebrate my new web site! also my daughter wanted to go there for her meal for her recent confirmation! we had uite a few family members with us and just as many kiddies have to say the whole bill was very easy on my pocket in comparison to other places she may have chosen food was/ is gorgeous every time we go!!
    think im addicted lol!! 😉



    I agree this place is brilliant! I have said so before on here. Brilliant with children as well if you go in for din din. Good children’s menu.
    We don’t go anywhere else for Chinese now 😀


    We ordered a takeaway last weekend, I loved it and gobbled it down, but dh didnt like the curry, he didnt like the taste or the light colour, he said it tasted just like the homemade curry I make….. I had noodles and they were to die for, ds loved them too.
    The only thing I didnt like was the crowd of assholes standing at the main door (of the pub downstairs) smoking

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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