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    Just wondering has anyone been.. Thinking about going on Sunday?? :)


    Thinking of going up tomorrow to them. My mam and dad have been up there since yesterday and they said its great.


    We went last year and it was a great day out. It was a hot day and I had a lovely cold beer while walking along the quays (felt like I was in Spain) and we had the kids with us who were eating hot dogs and ice creams. There was music, entertainment and a real party atmosphere but very family friendly. There was a fun fair with rides (which you pay for) and we all got to go on the ships too(some of that is free). Be warned that it can be expensive but we really enjoyed it and would recommend it for a day out.

    Good fun.


    There is parking close by too or you could get the bus or train in but if you drive, you should be able to find parking without much hassle.

    Ilac centre had an offer on of 2 euro an hour for parking and thats only a 10 min walk to the ships.



    I wanted to go, but dh thinks its too busy to bring young kids…. when are they leaving, i would love to be standing on the Bull wall when the boats are going out

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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