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    I’ve just had a really bad experience with a talent show my daughter was participating in last night.

    She went through 2 heats in front of judges to get to the live shows. That was fine. She sang last night and allowing for nerves she did a good job of it. She was really looking forward to the show as even though she sings with a choir and does singing lessons this was her first time singing off her own bat for ‘the public’. She really wanted to try this to see how she got on.

    However, the voting system was crazy. It was based on audience voting. We only had 6 of our family there and there were other children in the same boat. So she had 6 votes basically. Everyone voted for their own. And a dance troupe of 12 has a lot more votes than someone not local and on their own.

    Long story made short is that of course she couldnt possibly get through to the next round. Realised this last night. But the poor child (13yrs) had to be told that out of 24 acts, 19 got through and she wasnt one.

    My big gripe is it wasnt based on talent but on how many people you had there voting for you. Why have judges who judge the heats and then its audience voting on the night. Some lovely people came up to her inside and outside the venue saying she had a lovely voice, different and if they had a vote to use would have voted for her. But they had to vote for their own children of course. But they were really nice people to come up to her and encourage her to keep on singing and not take this type of voting to heart.

    Anyone else had this experience. I’ll never let her into this type of thing again. It was her first time and she really thought it was a talent shown, not a ‘how many people do you know show’.


    AW god love her!!! That was stupid though, having judges there and then the audience voting 😡 My heart would be broken if that was my little girl 😥 I hope she’s ok and keep encouraging and praising her for her great work. Now she knows what the challenge is like hopefully this will make her stronger and next time she will know herself when she’s ready to get up on stage. AND i’ll bet she’ll kick ass next time round. Don’t give up!!!! She needs YOU to be strong for her 😉 😉


    This whole thing just makes me so mad… its so easy to squash a childs dreams…. and badly organised competitions are one way to do it.
    The format should only be judges, and not audience participation, as there is no way that the person with family there as opposed to the person with "rent a crowd" is going to get through… talent or no talent.

    I can say this, talking from experience….. I’ve spent more years on stage than I care to admit to…. in acting, and in singing in a professional capacity…. so I’ve seen what this kind of thing can do to kids. Its all very well saying that it makes you stronger…. BUT at the end of the day, kids are sensitive and vulnerable too…. and as a parent you obviously want to protect them too. 10 out of 10 to her for getting up there, and doing her best… that in itself is an achievement, because it isn’t easy….
    And with a mum like you behind her, in her corner, she can only do well!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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