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    Hi all….

    After reading the previous threads, I just wanted to share the best book that I have ever come across in terms of fertility and all the rest….

    I was one of those who suffered from endometriosis so severe that I’ve had more operations than I can count, I’ve undergone "mini-menopause" twice, and I’ve had so much in the way of fertility treatment, that I can’t even begin to tell you about it. In fact, the extent of my endo was so bad that my gynae in SA (who is a renowned specialist, who lectures on endo, worldwide)… used to use me as a case study!

    Well, I was told to get the book, and after reading the contents…. and tracking my cycles, "properly"…. I have been pregnant 3 times…. and all has been natural. It is by far the most empowering knowledge that I have gotten my hands on… and I would recommend it to all….

    (this is from someone who was told that falling pregnant couldn’t happen for me! :wink: )

    Thank you Angels! :wink:


    Hi Chewieodie,

    great to see a book like that worked for you after all the treatments & investigations you must of gone through along your journey…

    i may check it out on amazon…have severals books myself but not that one….

    sometimes i think the angels want us to go the trials of infertility on our path to help others in future in a similar position…….it helps during tough times to think this way.

    moonflower x


    Yep, TCOYF is a great book alright. I see it as a reference book, in that there is so much information, I can go back to it again and again. I did read it, once through, ages ago. That was before motherhood; when I had the time and more importantly the energy. The TCOYF website is really interesting too and I love that the charts can be downloaded. Great for me; I’m a pen and paper sorta gal when it comes to charting. Although the Fertility Awareness Method may not suit everyone, I found it great. I used it for both birth control (the pill drove me crazy) and for pregnancy achievement. Even before we began TTC I was in touch with my inner geek, temping away, checking cervical fluid, trying to pinpoint ovulation, luteal phase lenghts… It really satisfied my scientific self! I was my own little experiment. Over the months I learned alot about what was going on with my monthly crazy cycle. Now, I know this is just speculation, but, I feel all that knowledge did help us conceive quicker than we may have done otherwise.

    Well, that’s my take on TCOYF.


    Yeah Moonflower, I agree with you…. when going through it, it can be so hard, and even tougher to stand on the outside and watch others achieve what for you can seem an impossible task….. Sending you loads of hugs…. and feathered friends… 😉

    And Wealth4life…. I can so relate to your story! The checking, re-checking and everything in between 😆 …. oh, the LP….. I honestly learnt so so much, was the best book I’ve ever been given. And saved me a lot on pregnancy tests for that "late period"…. 😆


    charting sounds very similar to Napro technique, which i put off doing for years as i thought it was more intense..ie like i have tried before having to take temp b4 getting out of bed every morning…timed intercoures etc…Napro you track yoru cervical mucus with no temping which i personally find much less intense & so interesting…but yes when you ahve been trying for years you tend to know yoru own body anyway & know many fertile signs…

    will check that website out !!

    i have now been diagnosed with leaky Gut syndrome via my food intolerance test, & this can b a factor in infertility!!! no IVf clinic woudl of tested for that i dont believe…but i bet it is is this book about food intolerances….

    thanks for teh angel friends Chewie..think they are working overtime for me at mo…bless them 🙂


    I have read this book and I love it! I was my first step into taking the plunge into natural birth control and I couldn’t be happier that I got off of the pill!

    I wish this book was mandatory in schools to teach girls how there bodies really work!

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