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    As a friend of Mumstown, those good people at Mumstown HQ have allowed me to post this:

    Our Dublin based company specialises in wireless technology. We are bringing a new product into the Irish market and are seeking feedback from Mumstown members.

    Internet use today is not just through a desktop PC, but also through wireless connections using laptops, notebooks, smart-phones, tablets, games consoles, and other devices.
    Therefore, protecting children from Internet threats now requires securing all devices in the home that can access the web.

    Traditionally this has been done by installing software on each device, whichis costly, and difficult or impossible to do on devices such as games consoles.

    We are introducing a ‘Parental Control’ Wireless Router, which plugs into your existing modem or router which was supplied by your broadband provider. It allows you to control internet access throughout your home, whether it is on your devices or other mobile devices brought into your home by visitors.

    Our ‘Parental Control’ router is vastly superior to much parental control software and free parental controls on some routers, which can be easily by-passed by tech-savvy teenagers.

    The unit will allow you to take control of the Internet in your home by:
    • Restricting the websites and on-line content to which your children have access.
    • Blocking access to inappropriate or objectionable content.
    • Ensuring that search engine results are safe. Search engines incorporate safe search functions but unfortunately do not provide the ability to securely restrict them from being disabled. By selecting the ‘Safe Search Enforcement’ option, the system will automatically enable safe search should it be disabled.
    • Managing children’s time spent using online chat, instant messengers, and gaming.
    • Setting predefined schedules for Internet access (e.g. preventing internet access on a device or by a family member after 10pm every weekday)
    • Stopping bit-torrent file downloads and prevent viruses, spyware and other malicious content from infecting your children’s computers.
    • Providing flexibility to create different level of restrictions for users (teens vs. toddlers) while still allowing for adults or computers to be bypassed from filtering rules.

    We would like to know if Mumstown members would be interested in purchasing such a device or have any other thoughts on the topic.


    Yes, I would. J have four children from 6 down & a computer, two laptops & soon some tablets.

    The children have access to the computer & possibly soon the tablets. I want to be sure that they can only access websites etc that I have cleared. That is my priority

    That said, I’m a techo-disaster. If it is possible to misunderstand an instruction, I will. If it isn’t simple to install / update, I’m doomed.

    I have an eircommodem. That said, we live in the countryside & speeds are very poor & we may have to move to Q-Sat or similar if things don’t inprove.

    I’d be looking for a product that can grow with my kids if that makes sense.

    Feel free to pm me.


    I too would be interested in something like this


    Would it work on a PS Vita? Our 10 year old uses one of these and I have to admit, I am not great at using it so I do worry about what he can access on there.


    Hi Sabbi, the ‘Parental Control’ router works on all devices (wired and wireless) including the PS Vita.

    There is a simple to use Control Panel that you access through your browser (with a password). You can select the PS Vita device and choose to restrict all internet access through it to categories that are age appropriate for your son. You can also easily set it to only be used for on-line games (or any internet access) at particular times or before a certain time at night.


    I’d be interested too, but may I ask how much would it cost please?


    Hi Pookie4,

    This ‘Parental Control Router’ would allow you to control your children’s internet access on your PC, laptops and tablets.

    You can select the categories that you feel are appropriate for the different ages of your children – and then either assign those to each different device.

    However, if different children and adults use the same device e.g your PC you can set it up so that each user must enter their username and password when using the PC and then get the appropriate content for them. For example, you can bypass filtering for adults.

    As regards ease of use – we think the control panel is quite easy to use – but there will be Irish technical phone support to help with plugging in the router, switching off the wireless signal on your existing broadband modem/router and configuring the system to meet your needs.


    So talk cash – and how we contact you…..


    Hi Pookie4,

    We have a new product website which will be live soon.

    Prices are being finalised – I’ve PMed you.


    Linking following a query.

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