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    Hi Girls,

    im not sure if everyone knows that its already a Major Global Food Safety throughout asia Thailand,Singapore,Vietnam,Philipine, Japan and some other parts of the country.
    like Aus,nz, switzerland, etc….

    we are talking about the Tainted milk and other diary products that has contain high level of Melamine it has already kills 4 babies, 6000 babies had kidney stones still hospitalise and about 94,000 babies and children are still sick in china.
    previously this Rabbit Milk Candy from china should have been Removed from the shelves like some countries already did.
    but really disappointing and shocking to see its still being sold in some chinese stores here im talking about in Ireland .

    i cant believe it they the store owners knew but still kept on displaying such Tainted Food Products here which should be removed and be tested and then destroyed completely before anyone gets kidney stone or even more innocent death. . :evil: :x :evil: :evil: :x

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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