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    Following a phone conversation last night with a very distressed friend, I realised yet another way in which this economic crisis is hurting us.

    My friend is a popular, good-looking girl in her early 30s, living in a rural area, educated, good career, own house, hobbies etc – but all her closest friends & family have emigrated to far flung places or moved to the opposite ends of this country & she feels deeply alone. Add to this the fact that some of the others have partners & / or small children… well, her social network seems to be collapsing around her.

    I’m in opposite position in that I moved away from my home area, family, friends, but my issues are similar.

    Mumstown, meet ups, parent-toddler groups are good for mammies (looking forward to a cinema night some time soon) – & I REALLY appreciate them – but what can she do to sort this situation???? How can she ever meet someone special if she’s not a drinker & has no one to socialise with?? Being realistic, a single girl can’t just head out on her own…

    i’m sure she’s not the only one in this situation…..

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