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    Hi all,

    looking for some advice on which tablet (e.g. leappad) to get a very inquisitive and computer savvy 6 year old.

    She has been wanting one for ages so we are getting it for Christmas but not sure which to get and also, not sure how much we should be spending?

    Thanks for any help & advice on best one to get and where to go for it :D


    leap-pad explorer or do you mean a Tablet?
    To be honest if she’s computer savvy I think she’d be bored with a leap-pad – dd2 has a leap-pad since she was 3.5yrs and spends more time on her sisters DS or playing jigsaw puzzles on the laptop. You might be better off going for a Tablet – re tablet there are loads of choices out there I hear the nabbi is a very good one.
    Don’t get me wrong the leappad explorers are great and we’ll still be using ours


    When I say computer savvy, sheis a little whizz on her sisters DS and her brothers PS Vita, so I want to get something that will keep her occupied in the car and will last well.

    Will have a look at the tablets. Thanks Munchin. 😀


    well dd1 has a DS and dd2(4.5yr) spends more time on the DS than she does on the leap-pad. She does still play on the leap-pad as does DD1 from time to time but they both seem to prefer the DS.
    The DS out this year is more like a tablet – santa is getting a DS for dd2 but bought it new on Ebay 😉


    My ds is 6 and has a Leappad that he got last Christmas. The biggest issue that we had was that it did not come with rechargeable batteries and standard batteries only last 4 hours. We have since bought him a recharger pack. He loves the leappad. My dd who is 4 is looking for one from Santa – she constantly plays with his.

    Things to consider if you want to get this:

    1) Buy either the Leappad 2 Power or the Leappad Ultra
    2) Leappad Ultra comes with "WIFI" – this is a closed system – which means that they only have access to certain child safe areas of the internet. Very limiting but just what I would want
    3) Leappad games can be very expensive. What you see in the toy shops is around 20 euro a game. If you buy the download card – then buy direct from leappad, they have plenty of non-disney branded games that are about 5euro. Or buy on Amazon for half the toy shop price. We bought Cha Cha Chicken for 4euro and it is a big hit!!! Also, very educational!

    I have just ordered the Leappad Ultra in Pink from Amazon – it works out at 80euro with free delivery. That is a saving of 45euro on the current reduced price in the local toy shops.


    Found another type of tablet that looks very good – going to check it out next week in Imaginarium toy store in Swords – … /67736.htm

    Looks good, read some reviews and they seem very positive. Will let you know when we investigate a bit more!! 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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