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    I have had a horrid few weeks of extreme stress. I was in a small car accident and hurt my neck and have been off work for a few weeks and getting treatment for that with acupuncture and medication.

    The person who crashed into me (she was on phone at time) was very sorry at the scene but changed her tune a few days later and her husband got involved and was really aggressive with me.

    My car is out of action and I’m finding it very stressful dealing with the insurance companies.

    Yesterday I thought I had a coldsore coming on but then this morning…. I woke up like this

    Ive been back to doc today to see what is causing the swelling but I’d hazard a guess its stress. He says I am totally run down, totally stressed and have a viral infection in my saliva glands. If it gets any more swollen I need to go to A&E.

    I really believe its all from this accident and the never ending calls and emails and stress of trying to get my car fixed and the people who crashed into me, ringing me and hassling me. I am so upset over the whole thing. I did nothing wrong but I am the one under investigation.

    I am so tired of all this hassle with the car claim. I wish it was sorted. I just feel like crying.

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