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    hi folks.im into 15wk of pregnancy and after reading up on stuff and watching programme about the vaccineim really unsure about whether to get it when it becomes available. i wud be intersted to hear what other mumsto be out there think.what will you be doing???


    sorry had to say congrats delighted for you that’s great news…you all excited…have you told the kids???

    regards the jab, not so sure whether to take it, i would try and ride out the storm if i got swine flu when pregnant but if it became a life and death situation and baby was in danger then i would consider once i was told everything…


    thanksscole.yes the kids know.all happy 🙂


    I found this in the Rollercoaster web-site:

    Information & Medical Advice from HSE

    I am pregnant – what if I get the flu?

    Women who are pregnant and develop influenza symptoms should contact their GP and arrange to receive antiviral medication.

    But doesn’t give any further detail or information.


    Ooooh congrats sinprey.

    sorry cant advise on jab, perhaps ask the doc.


    oh congrats sinprey
    i had flu on dd2 and was basically given antibiotics for sinus, told to get as much bed rest as possible and fluids oh and paracetomal
    no advise on swine flu jabs though


    Congrats on your pregnancy! 😀

    In regards to the vaccine, personally, there is no way I would take it (28 wks myself). There has been very little in regards to research/clinical trials on the vaccine and the long-term effects it may have on those who have taken it and on unborn babies.


    I was only saying yesterday Im sooo happy im not pregnant and having to make this choice…. I am going to get the boys done, was on to gp and told to ring back in Nov


    Pregnant mothers-to-be should get the vaccine as soon as possible. The risks of the flu are higher for them than the average person and there is also more at stake.

    "The Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, RCPI, based on available evidence, recommends vaccination in pregnancy for all after 14 weeks of pregnancy and up to 6 weeks post delivery and in certain situations (outlined above) in pregnant women less than 14 weeks pregnant."

    http://www.rcpi.ie/News/Pages/H1N1Vacci … nancy.aspx


    i still havnt 100percent made up my mind but discussed it with consultant yestr and she strongly advises it.she argued that even thou strong and healthy with no preg complications she reckoned the swineflu wud likely cause problems.the jab also gives the baby immunity for 6mnth and longer if you breastfeed.she put a guilttrip on me by saying if i was in a third world country id bqueing up for it and were privileged here to be able to get it. what just annoys me is that the only vaccine that is going to b available here is the cheaper panderemix .the one with the mercury and squalene.(the controversial ingredients) when there is a safer one on the market. i do appreciate there recession but its such a difficult decision!! 🙄


    Pregnant woman and her baby die of swine flu

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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