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    hi all, DS going for his jab tomorrow – he 18 months old. Anyone had it done? Any side effects on children? I had mine a few weeks ago and felt fine apart from a sore arm.


    Hi. We had ours about 2 weeks ago – myself and DS1 were completely exhausted with aches and pains for a few days afterwards. DS2 seemed fine but then got chest infection and vomitting a few days later – GP was of the opinion that there was no connection to jab – am inclined to agree but who knows.

    some people are no saying that they are not giving the 2nd dose to kids anymore, but i am not clear if this is because of side effects or financial constraints. maybe someone can clarify this please … ?

    on balance, i think i am happy we got the vaccine but it wasnt an easy decision, and i do have a few concerns at the back of my mind.

    hope this is helpful, and good luck tomorrow


    My dd got the vaccine a few weeks ago and she didn’t have any obvious side effects. I was careful not to touch the injection site afterwards though because the nurse did say it might be tender.


    I had mine 3 weeks ago and no side effect. My son had 2 doses of calvapen and had no side effects on either time.


    My 15 month old had his done a few weeks ago aswell with no problems – gave him some calpol when we got home incase of any pain but don’t think he had any and no problems since.
    He had the pandemrix vaccine & the doctor said he would not need the second dose as new findings coming in were saying that one dose was sufficient.
    I had the celvepan and did need the 2nd dose but she said that may change too as more information is gathered.
    Good luck with your decision 🙂


    i had both my boys (and myself) done about 3 weeks ago, they did get a viral infection the week after but not linked according to the gp.Other then the site of the injection being sore for a few days we were all fine
    Good luck


    well ds had his jab earlier, Haymarket Health Centre in Drogheda, chaos but organised chaos – I think! He was fine but quite loppy now – having a good nap so hopefully he will be right as rain. Thanks for replies.


    Had the Jab done on Thursday in Haymarket, me & my son. Both of us left with the vomiting bug! I was puking on Fri then he started on Sat. Had a great weekend!!!! 😥


    that is terrible waffy. i hate going to the clinics or the GPs as you always seem to end up sicker than when you went in.
    hope you’re both feeling better for the big day

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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