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    Hi all,

    Hope you can help me out, I would like to take my little girl swimming this summer for a couple of times. And was wondering if you could recommend a pool in Drogheda.

    I was in jacky skellies with her, but it was too cold tbh and not really childfriendly. I’ve seen Aura on the internet and was wondering what their pools are like? Cos I like their pay as you go option, as I cant commit to something longterm as I’m 7 months pregnant as well.

    Any advice is much appreciated!
    Thank you!


    Aura pool is lovely, they have family fun time aswell where the kids can play with pool toys etc.

    Just check out the time table before you go 🙂


    hi misspuk,i take my 3 year old to parent and toddler in aura.its on wed and fri mornings at 11 or 11.30.im also starting him off in the u4’s swimmimg on the 15th.aura is great,staff are all lovely.


    i found aura. hit and miss. water is no warmer then jackie skellys or anywhere else realy.on theplus side they do have a generous baby pool.a few times i have been up and ther e have been older kids going wild in the baby pool and acting emm amorously 😳 if you get my drift. esp when kids on summer hols.also not overly gone on the unisexchanging rooms.i like to have space to get changed and difficult with kids in the cubicles.half the locks are broken.although the pay as u go is great. u shud b fine if u go up early in the mornings.


    hi sin,yea i would agree with you about lockers and it can get a bit mental up there.you kind of have to find a good time dont you.public times are mental but sure i suppose we are all heading there,the kids love it though.adult swim is great between 8-9 pm.mornings are fine too for little ones.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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