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    Hey lads, the first Dadstown swap night is about to happen this coming tuesday in the Bettystown court hotel, kicking off around half eight(although probably closer to nine cause i am always late).

    About a month ago a few of us got talking about how sick and tired we were getting ripped off trying to trade PS3 games and getting a insulting amount of credit offered to us for perfectly good games by the major game retailers, so after much debate and copius levels of alcohol consumed at pace, the swap night was born. We want you to bring all of your GAMES, DVD/BLUERAY MOVIES, C.D.’s, BOOKS and so on that you are finished using or watching or reading and swap them with every one else and avoid paying excessive retail prices, get weeks worth of entertainment for NOTHING!!!!!!

    Hopefully we can make it a monthly event, so please support it, come down, have a beer, watch the game(its champions league night ) and swap some stuff and have a laugh. let me know if you are interested and hopefully, we will see you there.


    Told dh about it,
    we don’t have games, we have a PSII with no games 😆
    and no decent DVD to swap.
    He’s not a soccer fan,
    Do it on a rugby night and he’ll come along.

    And he’s got a night out already this week, but next time he’ll be there, at least for a pint.

    Talk soon,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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