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    Hi guys

    I just found out that i am expecting my 4th baby. I am 40 and very nervous on this one. Have been trying for a year and nothing so had give up hope hope and them SURPIRSE!!

    I had my last 3 babies in Daisy Hill and I am going public to OLOL with this one. i will defo need a c-section as have done with all my other monkeys.

    Basically I am looking for advice on OLOL as you hear so much bad press about it.

    Is there any cost involved in having your baby public in OLOL and also can I go to the MLU and then near then delivery time go the the main for my Section.

    Thanks a mill




    I had a very positive birth in Olol. I originally was going private but all the private rooms were full so I ended up in public room and it was absolutely fine. MLU is fantastic and free. But you cannot go MLU if you need c-section, so that may not be an option for you

    The midwives in OLOL are great and having had a baby in Rotunda and OLOL, I would definitely go to OLOL first.

    I think private births are a waste of money. You get the same service publicly.

    Big congrats – very exciting for you.

    We have 4 children and it’s brilliant, never a dull moment 🙂




    Because this is your 4th baby i’d say theres no need to worry. you have been through it all before and you’ll be grand hopefully

    when my sister had a baby at 36 she was quite upset when they called her a ‘geriatric’ mum but its just a normal term for anyone pregnant over 35.




    I had my two in the Lourdes and couldn’t fault them! I did go private and found it worthwhile for me. MLU is fantastic as Sabbi said but not an option with a section unfortunately.

    Best of luck.



    I had both mine in the OLOL, both sections but no issues with staff or hospital.
    I don’t think mlu is an option as you’ve had previous sections
    Best of luck with your pregnancy



    Huge congratulations, i hope you have a safe and trouble free pregnancy 😀



    congrats on your pregnancy
    i had 4 children olol and it was fine
    things have improved a lot since i had my last baby 6yrs ago the waiting times and scan dates happen a lot quicker now, midwives are great
    i’m due my 5th in 7 weeks an i’m nervous too, i’m 36

    good luck i’m sure everything will be ok and congrats again



    Big congrats XXX
    Lourdes hospital is grand.
    No you won’t be allowed in the MLU though

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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