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    Hi Ladies,
    Hope this post finds you all well! I have to admit Im have been more of a viewer of Mumstown rather than poster and Im being a bit cheeky because Im on a bit of a hunt for the Supervalu stamps for there current promotions for the bedspread and weekend break, so I was hoping to recruit your help and ask if you shop there and arent collecting or know somebody who has some they dont want maybe to pass them on this way.

    Thanks to you all in advance!!!!!
    Giggletastic :lol:


    i don’t but if i happen to go in and get some will keep ya in mind hope you get some


    Thanks Scole1! Much appreciated! 😀


    hi Giggletastic 🙂

    i know some people are also collecting the supervalu stamps
    They say the Weekend Break they been to some and is really brilliant 😛 😆


    Oh thats great! I love positive feedback! Right im on a mission now to get them. Off to Supervalue tonight for me!!!


    i’ve plenty spare of both of them if you want them… just pm me and we can arrange something… either meeting up or i can post them to you?


    I have a full card for the bed spread you are more than welcome to have them you can send me your address by pm if you like and i shall post it to you no prob. If you think of a better way to get them off me just let me know.
    Talk Soon

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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