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    Going on holiday in july with 7mth old son. was never on a sunny holiday with my other son when so young…any advice on sun care products, general advice on travelling with babe so young… also has anyone a "shade a babe" to sell?


    hi Great for some going off on nice sunny hols!!!!! We went on our first fam hol when our daughter was 6 mths old. We made sure we got plenty of suncream every hr in the sun and plenty of fluids(most important). Even though she was always under a shade we still put a cap on her head. The only bad thing that happened was that she got stung by a wasp so we had to run for a chemist and got a spray. So take one of these too!!!! That’s all i think oh!! AND if your going into the swimming pool put a t-shirt on them along with their caps…. ENJOY. And don’t forget the calpol 15 mins before you go on the plane, it helps their ears.


    i found giving son his bottle on the plane helped with the ears, the sucking action help to pop them. full cover bathing suits with uv filters are the best. i agree with keep topping up with sun block and caps and calpol. but other than that i found umbrella buggies the best ,so easy to fold and don’t take up much room in your hotel room.


    You can get a pop up sun tent in argos for 25 euro which are good and the spray water is a must for babies in the heat to cool them (also good for mum’s) Bring their favorite juice as they need plenty of fluids. P20 for kids is a great sun block and lasts for ages. Check if where you are going has mosqitos as if it does get a spray for that. Take sachets of calpol for the plane as easier than bottle and spoon. Get a hat that covers the neck. Swim nappies.

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