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    I’m reading a lot at the moment about suncreams and there effect on vitamin D production and what’s in them. Two things stand out –
    1. Vitamin D is vital to the healthy working of the body and suncream prevents the body making Vitamin D.
    2. There are a lot of toxic chemicals in a lot of suncreams.

    The main chemical used in a lot of suncreams to filter out ultraviolet B light is octylmethoxycinnamate – OMC for short. OMC has been found to kill mouse cells even at low doses and has been shown to be particularly toxic when exposed to sunshine.
    Other chemicals that it is best to avoid in suncreams

    Para amino benzoic acid
    Octyl salicyclate
    Padimate O
    Menthyl anthranilate
    Trolamine salicyclate
    It’s quite a list!

    I’ve started using suncream more selectively – only putting it on when I know that we’ll be out most of the day without cover (but first giving us some time in the sun before putting it on). At other times we just cover up and wear hats – gradually staying for longer periods in the sun without suncream. My dd has red hair and is fair skined and so far despite a good bit of sun exposure there has been no hint of sunburn.
    (Aloe Pura Sun Lotion is available from the Health Food Shop on Stockwell St and doesn’t have any of the above listed ingredients).


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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