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    Just wondering if you can recommend a suncream for sensitive skin. Last year on holidays his eczema flared up and he complained about the cream stinging him. We used Ambre Solaire and P20 last year.




    Hi Maria

    My son has sensitive skin and the best suncream is Ultrasun. It is great. I use the SPF 30 once a day cream and it really does give all day protection. It is a bit pricey but well worth it for peace of mind. I got it on the QVC website. Would highly recommend it.


    Thanks Brenners, I ll have a look for that 1. Once a day would suit me best too because he hates getting any sort of cream put on so the less battles the better 😀


    If the children are sweating a lot or getting wet, it is recommended to reapply suncream during the day, just be careful that if it washes off in some areas, keep and eye and top them up!


    my friends little one suffers badly from ezcema and she uses a Roc suncream – again says it’s pricey but worth it


    Whilst we currently don’t have a specific suncare range of products we do have a product range called Dermo-cosmetic and within that range of products we have a very high factor called Dermo Cosmetic Daily Skin Defence SPF45+. Its perfect of sensitive skin and is available on-line at Sam McCauleys on-line shop called – also in our Elave Mens Range we have a 75ml Daily UV Defence that has an SPF15 which is probably even higher closer to SPF20. Its a light fluid and absorbs into the skin without leaving the skin pasty white. This product is available in local pharmacies nationwide and can be ordered in apon request.

    Elave are currently working on a suncare range and hope to have this available next year. In the meantime our Elave Skincare range is available nationwide for managements of dry sensitive skin.


    oh i hate p20… Roc or la roche posay Town centre pharmacy is brilliant stock of good suncreams… my neighbour has had skin cancer and she was told in the hospital only too use the la roche posay

    It is expensive but i used it on both my ds’s and never a problem, i now use the Niva cream for a few years and its brilliant…. Dont ever buy Soltan in Boots, its the worst cream its stings my skin as soon as i put it on and boys the same


    Thanks for all the replies ladies. I ll have a look around for all your recommendations.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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